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On the Verge of Suicide
On the Verge of Suicide
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Discrace from chiellini he should be band and wage drop
Great game and Suarez with another great goal. i like Spurs one of the best passing teams in the perm with Dembele, Bale and Holtby 3 great players. so glad we ...
Are you being serious? that was no way a dive assou acoto trough all his body weight at Suarez.
Chelsea need a good striker and fast Ba just doesnt cut it atm it might change soon though
XxPaiiNMaNxX gave the Barcelona v Real Madrid video a rating of 4
And the pedro penalty shout was ridiculous footballers should get a fine every time they dive
I think Barca are keeping too much faith in Puyol don't get me wrong he is a great player but they need somebody younger to join pique at cb look at verane hes ...
Love Real Madrid i prefer them to Barca now only because the way they play has started to get boring for me now
Bayern are an amazing team and i can only se them getting better with pep guardiola. they will also be unlucky if they dont win the champions league
I really don't like Joey Barton he makes english footballers look bad really disappoints me
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Bale is gonna leave for a bigger team this summer and spurs will be f****d
Wtf is evra doin with the captain arm band on LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Oh first city then united all in 1 week thinks are looking up for the kop
No better feeling than seeing both manc teams get there asses handed to em by the scouce
Yes man city can't handle liverpool
Somewhere on FootyTube
Good i hate balotelli he thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread and i fooking hate his stupid hair cuts.
I feel sorry for that guy who got the red but everton where really dirty and liverpool made more chances and i think deserved to win
Mancini sucks why would you not put nasri and teves on from the start its a no brainer
Wow man u lucky as f**k once again
Haha de gay is shite
How lucky do man u wanna get for god sake lol
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