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Oh man... what a performance... Amazing, just amazing. Fabregas was sensational. Vermaelen was fantastic. Arshavin and V. Persie was so great. Great Arsenal...
8 years ago
How to distinguish a fanatic from an objective foot-lover supporter ? Answer : ask him what he think about C. Ronaldo. If he claims he's overrated and sucks, t...
The only bad thing about Barca is their outfit. Red and blue stripes with yellow letters... omg. I prefer their 2nd and 3rd ones. But they play awesome :)
I'm not so sure, but everyone has his theory :)
With a good keeper, MU could win easily. Foster proved something during the match : he has a lot to improve... Great match from Giggs, this guy is eternal.
"UEFA gave arsenal this win" ?? Eduardo is also responsible for Liege first goal, so you can put your UEFA where you are thinking right now ^^
With a good keeper we should avoid the 1st goal. But Arsenal eternal issue is the keeper. Well play though.
Omg a Naruchu o_o
From a MU supporter, your words are quite surprising I have to say ! With the best diver of the universe (Rooney) your team should know quite a lot about cheati...
Bastian Schweinst. says himself he want to play more like a defending midfield (though I think he is a more offensif guy). But one more defending will be good.
Zurich player dive, watch the replay. They are lucky on this one. Ronaldo played well. And his second fk is not as easy to save as we can believe. It's not obvi...
Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are so "small", Zlatan seems to be their dad haha. But it's good and important to have some tall player in a team.
Oh man with "if" you can rebuild the world history. If Napoleon did'nt loose Waterloo, if US never entered WWII, if Twin Towers never fell, if... if... You don'...
Then you will be ban for about 245 match, but you will feel better. Life is an eternal choice. Not surprised you support Chelsea. Drogba's behaviour should soun...
Lol I confirm you're the only one :)
Benayoun scored 3 times and used to play well with his team, but I don't know why, I can't see him as an international famous player. Although I like Liverpool....
I have to say Arsenal played "very" avarage, the defense offered a poor game. Great V.Persie, and Roscicky seems good too. City played well and was opportunist....
Amazing highlight ! I don't know what to say.
Lol Luxembourg defenders has glue under their shoes or something ? Especially the goalkeeper, he was so static, like he can't see the ball in time.
Man the day Faroes qualify for WC will become national day.
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