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Wow whats with the attitude man. chill, no need to get all mad. just ignore the ignorants and avoid being an ignorent yourself. congrats for the win anyways
6 years ago
First of all congrats to all Barca fans second - IMO the reason why they lost was because of Mourinho himself. WHY? for taking out lassana and di maria I saw th...
Tbh I dont understand why people are judging way too quickly regarding the premiership now that hes out of CL he can defintely focus on league + he should start...
Lets be honest, what Otari said about Hart is correct. Goalkeepers are trained to save balls which he did entirely in the match. I agree on calling it " skill "...
Silva I feel sorry for you.
You can't blame entirely on Man Utd, you should also blame the ref for giving such silly penalty kick.
Lol nice1
He saves Caroll's chance I go nuts, he saves the rebound I completely faint.
You might be right, I really hope he gets back on track asap, we really need to win more to get back on the title race :S
Wow man chill, whats done is done
Hart was the Heart of Man City, and Liverpool have failed to stop it. Amazing game, and am damn proud of Liverpool's performance, Although they had their flaws...
Well RVP is a great finisher ineed but keep in mind that he does miss a lot of chances too which are costly sometimes. overall good game for Arsenal gzgz
A well deserved win by Liverpool, gg by chelsea, but the better side won. I was disappointed to see Maxi playing instead of downing tho, but at least glad that ...
Well deserved, city on fire this season.
Well I guess United will return to its natural form sooner or later, as for now they really gotta win those upcoming games and get the momentum up and running a...
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