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Add me in bro my name is abdi. my fifa 11 profile name is odayshirwac
7 years ago
Totally agree with @Zilch. Couldn't have said it any better. Pep was the main reason why we lost the game. And he should've allowed Mascherano to play in the DM...
I still can't believe you guys criticize the humble Messi to be like a Selfish Ronaldog. Dude's got 17 assists in La Liga. He on top of the assist sheet. He's b...
@Jeroen: MTE. Ain't nobody can freeze time. Why dont all you critics just play instead of Messi in pressured plays like that one, your reflexes would tell you t...
Are you kidding me?? Why do you guys keep saying he's selfish? Not becuz the commentators, media or whatever says he's selfish and that means he is. FYI Messi...
My list before he won: 1st Xavi 2nd Iniesta 3rd Messi. But what a bummer, correct me if Im wrong, but is he like the first back to back (consecutive)winner of ...
Yeah. He did great though. n ou probably already got it figured. I dont like the guy
Either something went wrong with the Levente defense and Real was too much for them or someone set the "Game setting" to "Easiest Mode" in the Copa Del Rey. LoL...
Thanks for adding me up mate. Appreciate it.
*HIgh Five* Right back at cha! Barney Stinson eh? haha
@C0oder: LOL
@Webbo: YEah. Tell me about it :)
Go ahead @Jeroen: Tell 'em. Completely agree with you. I wanna reply to some of the comments, but scrolled down, you've oready said the right stuff.
Now that just WRONG. LOL
@Mt1flow: Nah, he tough guy nowadays.
Kudos to Puyol for saying the right stuff. Clever Words
I say Mou's not to be blamed. It was the players who made a considerable amount of mistakes. They did all the "DONTs" at some point.
Something I wanted to point out. But couldnt have said it any better. XD
Dont think dude. Its a fact. He outperformed,outclassed, out-scored and "PWNED" the guy twice, nay trice ; two classicos. And the other one was in Rome. in the ...
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