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To be fair I think Falcao was already falling when the contact happened.
5 days ago
O_O What a hit son, what a hit
F*****g lets goo
1 week ago
Not sure if Cudarado has any warm words to say about our club :P
2 weeks ago
Well, this is embarrasing by Costa
God, we needed that
3 weeks ago
Something to cheer us up: "Fun Fact, Chelsea become 2nd reigning champion to fail to win either of their first 2 PL matches (Man United 07/08). Man United event...
1 month ago
Fkn Ramires
Stolen from r/soccer : http://i.imgur.com/2dxHTGE.gifv Love this goal by Schurrle, miss the guy
"... the club in which I thought I'd hang my boots and gloves one day and finish my career." My heart just broke ;(
3 months ago
Looks alright. The only downside is playing 3 teams that might be fighting with relegation in last 4 IMO
The one positive of Petr staying in PL in some other club is that he would surely break the all-time clean sheet record. He deserves it
It was 2 points per win back then AFAIK
4 months ago
Am I wrong or are we the only unbeaten team in CL this year?
I'm no doctor, but Remy seems fit to me :P
5 months ago
Yeah, it's 15 cards now, so he's safe
Palace one up ;)
6 months ago
Lol, wtf
#Campaign for Burnley
Never thougth I'd say that, but: GO f*****g REDS
7 months ago
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