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Liverpool.. simply superb. BTW I have never seen a better dive and that was text book from sturridge. It looked so real in the real time. Anyways, this is some ...
@Dtouch I will give it to you, you are much smarter than all of us.. but shall we keep the chats to football. @HugoBOSSLloris You kept on saying arsenal will i...
Great win for us But, TBH i expected a lot more goals. Arsenal created some very good chances. Had ox got his shooting boots arsenal would have been 2-0 or 3-0....
Premier league is not just about winning the big games. The efficiency with which arsenal has swiped the teams at the bottom of the table is the main reason the...
I'm sure you have no idea about champions league football as a Liverpool fan.. so watch and have fun. :P
Great first 35 mins. Bayern before pep + more possession = bayern after pep.. scary. Its so sad that we get debatable cards in such games and it kills the whole...
Fabianski has improved so much .. we will miss him next season. He had probably the best game yesterday. Regarding the second suarez penalty shout.. Had he fe...
Well done Don vito. But what are the united players doing? I seriously think moyes should clean out all the dead wood in the summer.. No hope with this kinda te...
Very disappointed that spurs did not bring more to the table.. it was all very easy after the first goal.
The biggest rival for arsenal over the years has been... Injuries. Hope bendy recovers quickly cuz we need him more than ever.
Sort of agree with portugesewinger.. Fergie din make it any easy for Moyes by handing him over this squad and Moyes din buy enough in the transfer window.
Mourinho calling suarez a diver.. well u cant say that after u supported that ramires penalty can u?
Yep it should have been a red.. probably webb din wanna spoil the game so early.. i can understand why he did not give it. @pukaki mate we are taking some sen...
Cuz he scored the winner..
We dont buy a team.. we build them.. so love or hate we stick by them. You wudn know a thing abt that wud ya?
Brilliant match.. Liverpool were surely the better team with more clear cut chances and some poor refereeing again at the ethihad.. But that negredo goal just c...
Mike dean always has a great game against arsenal if ur an opponent supporter... i have seen more puky penalty shouts given without even contact.. there was eno...
MIke dean is better off baby sitting than refereeing.. just does not know how to give decisions or to handle heated situations.
A perfect remedy if ur a gooner :P
He was "blinded".. hope you know what i mean
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