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So now city and arsenal have won at Munich in the last year!! No doubt though BM are the best team in the world right now. THe english league?, now there is n...
4 years ago
Arsenal, when art and sport collide
Plus if you look, lewandowski was trying an over head kick, he was already leaning backwards, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and hit the deck like a sack of sp...
Bvb had 3 shots on target, and were caught offside many many times. If you think that was strongly pulled down by mertesacker i think you were watching on cra...
So wrong , arsenal must learn to adapt against the good teams, and thats what they did against BVB. Kept it tight, wore them down,, and then their triangle sty...
My god, a penalty really?? :D watch it again, Mertesacker barely touched him> Not even lewandowski, or the crowd for that matter had any conviction in their ap...
Hmmmm, dortmund controlled 1st half, but still arsenal contained them well. 2nd half started like BVB were about to break through,but then arsenal score and con...
Really heart warming to see the gooners playing like this again!!
True, but caz played mate :)
Yeah mate, , its sweet for us right now, we have had to endure some s**t times over the last few years! be interesting how we do against you boys ;)
Would you like a drink now?, or after the war?!.........sorrry:-* yeah should be interesting against us, i think you guys willhave the edge for sure even if yo...
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How many suicide attempts have you witnessed amico?
And he's looked special for a lot longer....
Tell you what, i was at the game, and Arshavin was man of the match my a mile,and he ran his little legs off too!!! Liked Miguel,,Santos was lethergic and disin...
5 years ago
I was there mate, and the only reason he didnt score the pen was because two streakers came on and stopped play for about 5 mins just after the award of the pen...
I think Wenger deserves it sheerly for the amount of abuse he got in the gutter press who were making up this kind of rubbish, http://www.talksport.co.uk/magaz...
6 years ago
F*****g happy, played them off the park, as much as i know I shouldn't, cant help but be really happy to have put the final nail in Nasri's trophy cabinet!!!!!!...
All you guys complaining about the highlights, i understand, but they are really easy to find else where. footballorgin.com is freakin good and you can watch fu...
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