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Why aren't you celebrating your team getting in the UCL finals in such a long time though? Why pick on us? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ See you guys in Kiev!
1 month ago
Hey buddy, can you add me into the whatsapp group chat? :D my number is +60182878987 Thanks!
2 months ago
Reading the appreciation you guys are showing towards Ron's worldy made my heart warm a little. :') All the best against Roma!
How do I join the whatsapp group? T-T
Hi guys, how do I join the whatsapp group since this page is really dead. I have never been more worried before any game than tonight's due to our current form....
4 months ago
Of course it's relatively easier to get us "riled up". Cuz you're commenting on our page for god sake. -.- It's funny how you don't see any of us reply to the s...
8 months ago
Though i am not a big fan of Bale at all but i despise the home fans a lot; the way they treated some players in the past, and even now is ridiculous and yet th...
9 months ago
Holy s**t is it normal that I had goosebumps reading the article? Thanks for sharing Bro.
Dagaza mate, let them.. since they can only talk about their head-to-head wins last season but nothing else. :D
10 months ago
This page is deader than dead, but who am I to say this since I haven't been leaving a comment in ages lol Just read this article about Pepe's departure: https...
1 year ago
Thank zizou5! i've found and edited one myself. Damn, couldn't be any prouder to put our boys as my timeline cover!
2 years ago
Anyone with any cool la undecima related photos to share? would like to change my facebook timeline cover hahah
"Not a game to be so proud of". Exactly. Hence why this forum remains dead even after such scoreline.
I.e. Mesut Ozil T-T
The argument shouldn't even started when someone claimed it's a false penalty. That's not an intelligent statement. If need be, please re-watch the clip and it...
Not that anyone (even the locals) cares about the local league in where I come from. But this happened few days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkDq9nrU3d...
I managed to catch the game from minute 20+ onwards. Thought Modric did pretty well too, besides Kovacic. Gotta admit the creativity wasn't really there when we...
Honestly speaking it didn't bother me one bit that messi was coming out because the main problem is our team.
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