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"Not a game to be so proud of". Exactly. Hence why this forum remains dead even after such scoreline.
5 months ago
I.e. Mesut Ozil T-T
The argument shouldn't even started when someone claimed it's a false penalty. That's not an intelligent statement. If need be, please re-watch the clip and it...
Not that anyone (even the locals) cares about the local league in where I come from. But this happened few days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkDq9nrU3d...
I managed to catch the game from minute 20+ onwards. Thought Modric did pretty well too, besides Kovacic. Gotta admit the creativity wasn't really there when we...
Honestly speaking it didn't bother me one bit that messi was coming out because the main problem is our team.
6 months ago
Oh and Marcelo too. What the actual f..
Now James got fking subbed off. What on earth
Agree. It's frustrating to see when they aren't pressing as a team. James has been working his arse off..!
Why do our ex-players always score against us? T-T Sneijder, Huntelaar, Morata just to name a few recent ones..
9 months ago
:O BilbaoBarca game has overshadowed another cracker that is RomaSevilla. The final score of the game is 6-4. Sevilla was 6 goals down and pulled 4 back at late...
Personally don't think we need De Gea at the moment. Pretty content with Navas! But i'm loving the MU fans reactions too lol it'd be fun to see if we really end...
Jeroan- yeah my team is basically like that but just starting to participate in some local tournaments and this is our 3rd tournaments :D We've thought of the d...
Danny- haha yeah to some extent it's about attacking and defending as a unit, and cover spaces for each other. But there's a need for each player to at least kn...
Hello everyone, a little off topic but does anyone play futsal (indoor football) here? My team is going on a tournament coming weekend. Just want to ask what's ...
This makes me sad too..
Troll? it sounds to me like a genuine concern :/
Here comes the F-word. real classy. Regardless how much they earn, they're all human afterall and i don't see how my analogy is stupid. It may be subjective th...
I don't know man. try to put yourself in his shoes, and let's use a real life situation as an example: You're with company Madrid, have lost your passion (or w...
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