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5 years ago
LA Sucks, England Sucks, MUFC Sucks, and Chelsea SUCKS
6 years ago
San Jose Earthquakes defense > Seattle Sounders offense.
No. Man who?
Hey Eurosnobs. Saying the U.S. were "lucky" doesn't change the result! We won fair and square, and the winning goal was well-taken and unstoppable. The U.S. has...
Thanks Chelsea. Thank you oh so much! for ridding us of Torres and killing him/his footballing skills, and awarding us with £50,000,000 which we spent wisely o...
7 years ago
I love how Torres has basically killed himself since joining the UEFA-less Chelsea.
I was at this game. Argentina certainly had moreopportunities, but at the same time, they wasted them all but one (thanks Timmy), and it was a very fortunate re...
Go and play Baseball stupid Ami
Chelsea were average, Torres was Rubbish. Thus Chelsea were rubbish because their biggest icon and highest priced player failed to impress (again). Thank's for ...
Change your name or f**k off
United had the man advantage when it was 1-1 before halftime and they still lost and they still LOST TO A SUB-PAR MLS TEAM! Don't say that Manchester United did...
Great goalkeeping by Jon Busch, except for the first shot. he absolutely had to save that, but he made up for it in the 2nd half. Alvarez' blast was a golazo!
Hello William, welcome to the site, hopefully you're having fun. It is a fantastic site, so do enjoy it. Take a look at the site guidelines and do try and a...
On July 17th, the United States declared a war against FIFA after Koman Coulibaly took away what would have been one of the top 5 most memorable goals onfthe 20...
Not even a brick wall would have blocked Donovan's rocket. I was sitting in the upper level at this match and when I saw Landon tee it up, I was like "wtf is he...
"USA came from beyond the grave to win group C"... HAHA good one Slovenia! YOU'RE s**t AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE! YOU (like England) WILL NEVER BEAT THE US!
You're high dude. The greatest all time World Cup attendance record is held by your very own country. In 1994, there were only 54 World Cup matches. Now theres ...
Did Seattle give their "best" fans refunds after another miserably pathetic performance at home? haha GO QUAKES!
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