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4 years ago
What's wrong with the way he celebrated? Apparently you can't celebrate a goal unless your team wins trophies from what your saying. Go home hater.
Wtf did i just read...
Brilliant strike from Rodriguez very happy with the win!
Not against Barca :P
The three dots lined up on the goal post may be a censor due to miscalled goals in previous tournaments.
Oddspud you know nothing about dirty players if you think Pepe is the worst in football history butt hurt germans need to take it like a man, Chelsea out did yo...
Good game from both sides, Porto could have capitalized on those chances, but nonetheless a victory is a victory.
Some good quality football displayed by Chelsea today. If they keep up this form the Champions league is theirs. Good luck to Chelsea and good game for Torres.
Puya you have no idea who diego is so how can you say he has a big ego your just arrogant and still butt hurt from losing to a 10 man chelsea side just face the...
Traonk don't waste your time on ignorant kids.
Porto 2005? Porto had an amazing squad thats why they won the champions league and their league and have continued to ever since, do you even know the players t...
Are you kidding? im sure you didnt say anything when robben had the guts to silence the crowd against manchester utd, or when messi shot the ball at the fans on...
At their best? chelsea has half their starting squad missing in the final what are you talking about?
Ronaldo holds records of most goals in la liga and England, and he isn't even a striker..... now whose the best? come on dude respect? Respect what being set up...
6 years ago
@bosna all these years soak it in? How many champions leagues does Barca have and than tell me how many Madrid has, also tell me how many league titles Barca ha...
Ronaldo doesnt score against big teams? are you kidding? hes scored against most teams in the epl and la liga even against the top teams in serie A how can you ...
^ LOL hahahahahaha
I think that barca fan is still butt hurt from mourinho's celebration when inter eliminated Barca, you clearly know nothing of mourinho saying he wins due to re...
Lol you look foolish talking back in caps lock after making fun of him, saying every portuguese on the national team is a disgrace but yet ronaldo is a portugue...
Never stood a chance? they drew you at home and they almost drew you in your home if it werent for two terrible calls from the ref, dumb ignorant fanboy
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