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6 hours ago
Chelsea and PSG aren't clubs anyway,they are toys,and I dint want that for my club
I hope he doesn't happen
Really glad about tonight performance,I think we played really well,Poch is getting the right mix for the squad atm.we are playing how we want probably 1 in 3 g...
8 hours ago
Well dier should be starting,he's looked promising and willing,fazio has just looked terrible every game he's played!! I can call lamela eveytime he has the bal...
3 days ago
How long can we persist with fazio and lamela,they are both just dreadful
Ionly saw the 2nd half,and dembele looked terrible
6 days ago
Exactly,back to the avb days,only one plan,every time lamela gets the ball you know he's going to lose,we need ahuge overhaul
Every team knows how to play against us,they all let us have the ball and sit,they know our crosses never get anywhere and we don't have anyone to play the ball...
Didn't get to see any of the match cos work,but I'll just skip it ithink based on the comments,can always count on you lads
1 week ago
I'm I your side Fay but Vlad is only 24 if say fazio is more experienced
Cheers mate
I felt we played well too,but we really need to eradicate these individual errors,never would have expected lloris to be the one to mess up though. I knew when ...
It's his tackling that worries me,he always gets booked
2 weeks ago
And to think demebele was looking like he will become a legend,but on the other hand Palacios' early form he looked to be a future legend,lol. We are going thr...
Lamela is a luxury player,he will try taking half the team on and look the other way when passing,think Poch will regret that choice
So lads,it's looks like we have signed rabiot from psg,what does Yous think,not heard much of him myself
This has been going around for about aweek now,the guy is just ajoke,is love for him to just leave by his own free will
Best half I've seen from us all season,this closing game is what we expected and this 11 are efficient at it,and soldado has scored!!!
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