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I wanted him gone at the end of last season,but if he shows commitment and plays Luke his first season I'll be happy for him to stay
Bwfyid has the exact opinion as me,lol
I fell asleep during the match,and I never do that
You really don't like paulinho do you mag,lil
Btw I just wikied schneiderlin and is just 1 day younger than me 😊😝😁
He supposed to be a top player,crazy how they have had 2 mouses dembeles,lol
For that price and for a player that isn't needed I would say please LEVY DO NOT BUY HIM!!! I want the midfield we have to remain,there's no problem with it,ye...
I have to say I'm really happy that the forum has awakened,during the world cup this place was dead,so I'm happy some of the regulars are back in force,my lapto...
4 days ago
I'm setting really low expectations for this season,cos I'm tired of getting let down. I'll say top6 some good cup runs and playing brilliant closing down footb...
The first half we were immense,while new 10 players for the 2nd and once Dawson and dryers got on there it went downhill,looking at the last 2 games the only th...
We've played well in the first half,I'm enjoying this alternating behind soldado but he hasn't looked bright at all,I want to see lane come on and have a shot,s...
Wtf with this autocorrect,that was meant to be sildado and velkovic
5 days ago
WhiteHartRogue updated their profile
Lovely,wanted to see Davies start,and also eriksen with lamela and alprazolam up front,Ryan mason getting a run out and also geologic,I'm a happy yid,for anyone...
Yeah I'm annoyed we sold siggs,he never got a fair crack of the whip,let's hope holtby doesn't end up the same. I'm excited about Davies as our new lb and I thi...
Richards is a full ba k
6 days ago
I don't like the kit at all really,It was just that I spotted it and thought it looked nice
Anyone seen the pattern at the top of the home kit??that looks nice
Yeah,mine is billymcg89 I think,write yours on my wall and I'll add you when back from work tonight
Don't want him,I really rate him but I want Poch to keep the same attack as last season
Is it fifa14 on ps3 mag??
1 week ago
11 months ago
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