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Seems like coutois will be playing against the chavs though kalo
18 hours ago
We wont sell him
3 weeks ago
It did it for us,that season Hazard said he was coming spurs and oscar was a favorite to come to us,imagine if bayern took theyre chances where we would be righ...
They can rest everyone as the league is one,so they will habe the full team at full fitness,i think you will lose away 5-1
Was hoping the swans could hold on there,but the deteriation of Arsenal continues,and it will keep going against city at the weekend,we need to go a winning str...
Cleverley,there goes the win streak...
I would say we have a chance but really cant see it happening,he way this season has gone everytime weve played a game that we have enjoyed and come away buzzin...
I think Siggs is one of those who cares more than others,Tim and AVB seemed to have always saved him for the big games but on the wing was pointless,ive been ho...
Will we ever start a game before 30minutes? Good win in the end though,if we werent so lax at the start of games wed be a lot higher!!
Haha,that scezny is a mug,2 bob keeper imo
Arsenal are so mentally weak,its glorious,love being proved right,hopefully they lose 8-0 and city batter tham next week too!!
Think you mean it needs just glory,any glory is good enough
1 month ago
I think the problem is more at RB,just the fact he keeps getting picked but hardly has any input,CB is fine,maybe need one more for when we sell Dawson and Vert...
I dont think Rose has played bad,Walker was atrocious last night and it has been going on for way too long,Rose has been out for the most part of the season but...
You rate him now Mag?
The way they have performed alls eason i think he knows he isnt getting the job and also knows the players dont care,youve written off the season too so he migh...
Im glad we wont have to watch Walker again,he appals me,i just think hes useless,nauhton deserves a run out in his actual position,i cant see why he used Walker...
Weve off for a while mate
Think man u will win,ppool still have the tendency to lose games when you dont expect it,plus theyve been lucky against fulham and the game after that (cant rem...
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