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I'm happy with the choices,think now is the time to let daws go,he's always been a favourite of line but I think he's gone downhill in the last few seasons,woul...
9 hours ago
10 hours ago
Have no idea who he is
So is it only young good Englishmen that play in England that cost stupid money?lol Anyway,don't think I could be in a position to comment on him,only heard of...
11 hours ago
Yeah I think it's good,hopefully we can finally get shot of Wootton now that we have 2 decent Lbs for the next possible 5 or 6 providing they can progress
12 hours ago
He knows the system?so what are the other lads doing right now?learning the system,he doesn't know the other players,whereas who we already have do,same argueme...
The answer is no SS
23 hours ago
Nah I wouldn't say we missed out,he does lack a bit for the very top level imo,but could become a major world star
Everton have bought lukaku for 28 Mil,really good deal for then
1 day ago
Jumping the gun again??
More than Shaw,ok,how much did Shaw cost?plus they have sold loads and amanged to get 16 MILLION FOR CHAMBERS!!
I don't want us wasting money cos it will bite us in the arse in a few years for certain
He knew what he was doing when he bought soldado for 28mil??I want him out anyway,he's just a joke. I didn't see anyone here last season saying that schneiderli...
You know if we were to get him now we are going to have to spend 30mil on him,so you guys are for this??
Because sandro was put for a lot of it,we changed our system numerous times,the players haven't played Well but will. How can any of you want us to sign him for...
2 days ago
You might get top3....
I hope it does fall through
Honestly,with the stadium coming and us needing to save the money,I am 100% against this move,it simply isn't needed,il going to ne si pissed off id wé get him
Why are people excited for us to sign Morgan?granted I've always rated Rodriguez and would love get him at the right price,I even said I wanted us to sign him w...
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