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Fell in love with United the first time I saw them play. Unfortunately, in the US, not many people give football much attention, but I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I supp ...
MasterSlick (Chester Keil) from Kingstown, St. Vincent
Mejay (Xisca Jaume) from Palma De Mallorca, Spain
Me? well, I am nice to those nice, kind to those kind, conversationalist. FC BARCELONA ( 4-3-3 ) ______________________VALDES_____________________ ___ ...
Messi4barca (Moses Kaya) from London, England
Mtylerwelsh (Tyler) from Austin
NewBlueShoes (Chalito Munez) from London
: I have been a Tottenham supporter since the late 1970s (for thirty-five years). As a teenager in Norway I was the editor of the Nordic Tottenham Supporter Club in the mi ...
Orpheus (Kratos) from Houston, US
Oweniit (Roger Fernandez)
Perucho10 (Paul Bui)
Playa3c (Josue) from Missouri City
Futbol,Football,Soccer it doesnt matter how its said, is the best sport ever created. Defense + Offense = FOOTBALL TACTICS = Balance of (attack+ & defense), attacking style, ...
Prejsu (Krzysztof Preiss) from Poznan, Poland
In short, motoring, footy and muay boran maniac...and a great fan of feminine beauty:D want to know more- ask me:P
Reidscott (Reid Scott Anderson) from Woodland, USA
Rodney555 (Rodney)
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