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CR7 should have been carded for an earlier kick to Juanfran, so yeah.
5 years ago
True... Forgot it was not him that won it last year. That was stupid; Congrats Chelsea!
So, Rafa comes, wins champions league, Europa League, a lot more than Mou ever got (Euro-wise) at Chelsea, yet... Abramovic wants to fire Rafa and re-hire a guy...
1. Madrid Trolls... that's who this is aimed at. 2. I never said I was not. Its logical to be butthurt, after getting our asses handed to us on two games... ...
1. That would be a good decision. 2. That we'll have to see.
Hopefully y'all dont lose it.
It seems that the only tactic that Barca had today was... pass. Sad. Pique attacking, trying to, playmaking... PIQUE?!?! To all those that are elated that "Ti...
Agreed on Tito. I think the guy needs some more assistant time. His subs were bad, untimely. He had no tactical response to Bayern other than... ? what did Bar...
Jamada07: ... that was a joke? ohhh right. Uhm, hey... is RM Playing the final? proud of an ALMOST??? pfff. that's the same as nothing.
We got killed yes... we'll get over it. You still cant let go of getting your ass kicked at the CL finals... BOTH. Get some hemorrhoid cream, should help with ...
Pep?? Mediocre? Don't even know why you would arrive to that conclusion...
Bayern, did you have to not use lube?? seriously???!! hurts. Now. Congrats Bayern on a brutally well played tie. Shameful display by my boys. SHAMEFUL. At l...
BuddahNpl. Dude,you're in pain. I get it. You're venting. BUT, see if this was a "b" squad, what does that say about the "A" squad that got killed last week? ...
Webbo thought the Borussia Dortmund v Real Madrid match was awesome
Webbo nominated R. Lewandowski (55') for Goal of the Week
Could be. Reason why I stated Munchen and not Dortmund obeys to the fact that out of the last 4 finals, 3 have been Bayern (I am taking it as a given that they...
We might have witnessed a change of guard, that is plausible. However, one thing is for sure. The change of guard, if there is one, is not to Madrid, it's to ...
However y'all need 3 and a scoreless Dortmund. Unlikely, but it is a lot easier than 5 - 0.
BVB did a fantastic game. They are fun to watch, great pace and touch, a nice pass, move, attack combo. It is interesting to see that again, Madrid had most of...
I think that Tito was doing great until his cancer, I was liking his style of play. However the last games have showed that there a lacking in understanding ta...
Yesterday when Lewandowski did it, he got a yellow. SMH.
Well, it seems that he does. He is really a guy that is there, it seems from the outside, the players' "buddy". They never do wrong, never fail... and that is ...
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