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Marcelo starting for Brazil today vs Mexico!
4 years ago
How on earth am I comparing? Its a fact. I was pointing to a statistic. Take a look at my twitter, I've given him LOADS of credit which he deserves. Goodness me...
Without question! He's the reason Spain have made it this far!
Btw, even if Thiago scores another goal, it won't be enough to win the Golden Boot, as Alvaro Morata (4) would have played less minutes.
Morata winning the Golden Boot! Well deserved
Lol. arent you the comedian
Bolton? You are here because? You are the one questioning my football knowledge. You went and flipped it overboard. I just continued. Carvajal > Montoya in my...
You are entitled to your opinion. No one needs to question my years watching football. Simply stating Carvajal, should be given a chance, just like Montoya was ...
Its a damn shame the most voted best Bundesliga defender of the season Daniel Carvajal, newest signing for Real Madrid, cant even making the starting 11 for Spa...
Morata the Madridista got an assist! #halamadrid
Cristiano Ronaldo is close to agreeing a new contract with Real Madrid which will make him the world's highest-earning footballer according to Goal.com. Madrid...
Arbeloa said this on a Spanish interview to ElPartido de las 12! Ill post a link to the article - fyi its in Spanish
Alvaro Arbeloa: "Our relationship is no longer the same." - on Iker Casillas What do you guys make of this?
@Hunsijoo - ok thanks for clearing that up! Makes sense now. A team has to look at various angle concerning something this important, thats 100% correct . and t...
THANK YOU SO MUCH! | I would not mind at Real Madrid, I mean he's superb. My gut-feeling is he wont come regardless. He doesnt want to leave Tottenham. So I'd...
Its crazy. CR7 is going down in Real Madrid's history as one of the best players ever to play for the club. Every season he plays for us, he's cementing his sta...
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You're correct. My apologies. But the logic behind that is absurd. IMO
It baffles me how someone can say that Cristiano Ronaldo renewing his contract for Real Madrid is a bad idea. What is it? 201 goals in 198 matches? You want to ...
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