Wastoid is giving Tevez the finger
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Wastoid wrote in On his own wall
Last time i checked i can be for whomever I choose in America...
6 years ago
You're an american you can't be for Manu
7 years ago
It wasn't THAT long ago! But it did look really, really similar to the one in Moscow...
Could have, should have, would have, but it wasn't
Seemed about right to me, with Kingson's injury stoppage taking about 3 mins, 2 mins for subs, and Rafael's injury stoppage taking at least 5 mins...
Yes, that is indeed what determines what is the truth...how many people like it...
Varney very obviously let the ball run, looking for contact
A Chelsea fan has alot of nerve calling United cheaters, considering they won the league last year on the strength of two wins over United, both decided by high...
Oh it's always the ref isn't it? It's the greatest conspiracy in the history of sport...
Blackpool - worst pitch in the Prem. Seriously, my local pitch has a better surface than that!
Sour grapes much???
Torres is one of the top 5 divers in the world, so give it a rest
A better question is: Why did Nani take the pen with Berbatov,Owen and Giggs all on the pitch?
Arrowhead Stadium may not be new, but it just underwent a 375 million dollar renovation and is now referred to as "New Arrowhead Stadium". This match was the fi...
KC had no desire for attacking after their 2nd "goal" and mostly stayed in their own half defending, subbing in defenders for attack-minded players. Also, the c...
And the 2nd KC goal was never across the line, you can see the chalk from the line bouncing up when the ball hits it on the replay from behind the goal...
What a goal! What A match! Pachuca - CONCACAF Champions league champs!
Oh please! He never stepped on his foot. He slightly grazed his shin and Barry knew he couldn't reach the ball he had just cut back away from the Neviller, so h...
8 years ago
You don't think they got a bit lucky against your lot at the end of the Champions League Semi 2nd leg last year?
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