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I have a feeling that Bayarn are going to do the same against Real in second leg as Chelsea did against Barca. That would be awesome if they knock out Real from...
6 years ago
Now i say suck my c**k fag.
Shut up you fag,you f****n moron you would have said that was a cheating if opponent did that to any of your player
You would certainly not say that if opponent poke your player
Did you find that funny and entertaining? you are insane, that is not less than diving and cheating
I totally agreed. You got the point, it will be hard to defend like this at Camp Nou for entire 90 mins
I apologize if i really offended you but i still think most his fan show the attitude
Well, i had been debating with one of his supporter just a few minute before and he/she was pretty much the same. I can say everybody behave in the same way
I honestly think defenders were better than him
Guys Do you have any idea why those Ronaldo supporters are as much cocky as Ronaldo? I F****N hate that attitude
Well well well, things hasn't gone in your way, you can look to the referee and cry F**K you jerk
Seriously man why those Ronaldo's supporter are as stupid and posy as cocky Ronaldo? F****n hate that
@Diego11 honestly you are just as cocky as the man in your profile. And stupid as well. get a life, don't post any of your ill thought
@Parham44666 keep dreaming baby i have a feeling Real will hit 5 this time against you
Well, hitting woodwork will never progress you to the final
Why not man? i would like to say Barcelona are in front on every aspect of game including diving, cheating, getting referee's favor and i would like to be hones...
Yes true, i think its because they were playing on Chelsea's home. don't worry they will get enough favor at Camp Nou
Not so funny though. mistakes generally happen but the biggest mistake Messi made today was not scoring the goal
@ KidRobe i was surprised by Chelsea's disciplined defense if they manage to do the same job on defending then its possible to hold on
@Parham44666 F**k you too C**T, didn't you watch the game and still don't know the score? wake up lol chelsea won the match
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