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I know, Terry has been our best defenders (apart from AVB-era) for years. He gets subbed off in 1 game, and suddenly he should be benched.
2 years ago
Ref has every right to disallow the goal. Neymar scores with his hand, whether it is deliberate or not does not matter.
"I said: You go there and you say to him. If not, I kill you. And tomorrow we will be champions of Europe, no problem'." That escalated quickly..
3 years ago
Link please?
Guys, could someone please explain to me why Diego Costa is called the Guv'nor? :)
Frank would never get on the pitch and not give his 100 %. He's a professional through and through. And as Bazinga said, it's not that simple. The ramification...
According some (unrealiable) sources, that's exactly what Mourinho is doing. http://chelseaseason.com/2015/01/double-frustration-leads-jose-mourinho-make-shock...
I think it is quite far-fetched to say Cahill lost balance.. Too me at least, it was an obvious dive, with clear intent to try and get a penalty. He should have...
I wish Torres the best of luck, and hope he bangs in 20+ goals for Milan :)
Fantasy premier league, and not dreamfooty :) http://fantasy.premierleague.com/
"Decent"?! They are exceptional! :)
Waffle gave the CHELSEA ANTI-DISCRIMINATION VIDEO video a rating of 5
This might have been discussed (too lazy to check), but was a free kick given to Adrian at the Eto'o goal? As far as I can remember, I heard no whistle to sign...
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How can you say that?
I think Willian has been lively
My gut-feeling instantly said Drogba :)
Official FIFA rules: A goalkeeper is considered to be in control of the ball: • while the ball is between his hands or between his hand and any surface (e.g...
5 years ago
Awesome! I really want to see KdB in a Chelsea-shirt!
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