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I know, Terry has been our best defenders (apart from AVB-era) for years. He gets subbed off in 1 game, and suddenly he should be benched.
2 years ago
Ref has every right to disallow the goal. Neymar scores with his hand, whether it is deliberate or not does not matter.
"I said: You go there and you say to him. If not, I kill you. And tomorrow we will be champions of Europe, no problem'." That escalated quickly..
Link please?
Guys, could someone please explain to me why Diego Costa is called the Guv'nor? :)
Frank would never get on the pitch and not give his 100 %. He's a professional through and through. And as Bazinga said, it's not that simple. The ramification...
According some (unrealiable) sources, that's exactly what Mourinho is doing. http://chelseaseason.com/2015/01/double-frustration-leads-jose-mourinho-make-shock...
I think it is quite far-fetched to say Cahill lost balance.. Too me at least, it was an obvious dive, with clear intent to try and get a penalty. He should have...
3 years ago
I wish Torres the best of luck, and hope he bangs in 20+ goals for Milan :)
Fantasy premier league, and not dreamfooty :) http://fantasy.premierleague.com/
"Decent"?! They are exceptional! :)
Waffle gave the CHELSEA ANTI-DISCRIMINATION VIDEO video a rating of 5
This might have been discussed (too lazy to check), but was a free kick given to Adrian at the Eto'o goal? As far as I can remember, I heard no whistle to sign...
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How can you say that?
I think Willian has been lively
4 years ago
My gut-feeling instantly said Drogba :)
Official FIFA rules: A goalkeeper is considered to be in control of the ball: • while the ball is between his hands or between his hand and any surface (e.g...
Awesome! I really want to see KdB in a Chelsea-shirt!
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