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Nice...finally see them step up and get the reputation they deserves
7 years ago
LOL!!!!!!cracks me up with the red cards. Classic
No...man utd was not lucky. Instead they were unlucky because it could have been 4 or more goals if they played well. Both teams played badly and wigan's tackle...
I would like to think otherwise....Sunderland played a fantastic football. Every passes they made are perfect when attacking Chelsea. Good teamwork and individu...
Man..I can not let you saying a thing like that. I am not protecting Kaka, but I am doing this to point out that Kaka is born talented, therefore this talent do...
So far...Man Utd only 18 unbeaten matches. Long way to go lol...I rather win the title then go for records.
Thats 49 premiership matches unbeaten, just like Chelsea. Different cups, different records. Thats they highest run Arsenal and Chelsea achieved in the past unt...
God...please sell rooney and berbatov. Buy one world class striker to play alongside Chicharito and keep Kiko, Mame Diouf as reserve. 4 strikers plus some from ...
Lack of creativity? Kaka? LOL!! Don't get me wrong here. Kaka WAS a very good player but he is SH!T now. Don't think he will do much damage after gone for so lo...
I was meant to vote 3 but accidentally clicked on 5 :P lol Good stuff Man Utd....it shows that not only Arsenal have youngsters that are capable of getting job ...
HIIIIYAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!! If I were the Coach of Spain....I'll be very worry. I would say " Guys, protect yourself. What comes ar...
"As if they had springs in their boots. They can just leap and fall instinctively." Yes, you better straight that up to Robben....didn't see him dived when puy...
For the record....I'm Man Utd's fan. So I should be hating Spain as most of their players from Barcelona. But I also like to watch good football....total footba...
Spain is well-known as a team that plays possession football or in other word, keeping the ball and short pass. Well, how do you play against a team that can ma...
DAMN!!!!!!!ALL THE ENGLAND PLAYERS except for Rooney. He seems lost in both of the matches. And I have to agree that he was like a new player for ENGLAND team. ...
8 years ago
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