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Competitive games, smart & witty plays, quick counter attack and rough, very rough defense!
No touch, slow and weak players
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My favorite players are:

Iker Casillas and Fabio Coentrao. Both play for Real Madrid.

Bow chicka wow. Hala Madrid!
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Lol St1or, never an absentee when it comes to these types of discussion.
1 month ago
CAM is Isco's favorite and preferred position. Best? It is a tie between CAM and LM (he likes to cut from the left wing).
Speaking of movies, a new Tarantino movie will be out next week. Can't beat that!
The curse is real for good ol' Mourinho. 3rd season horribly failed yet again. On the bright side, Mourinho sacking is more trending than star wars lol. I don'...
I know Arbeloa has been getting alot of s**t for a while now but he sure did a nice gesture of what little play time he has left for Los Blancos. https://www.y...
2 months ago
Sure. I would like the 2nd generation reenactment of the pigs head at Camp Nou. Then well drop Pep at the winter transfer window and promote the assistant manag...
Back then I read that Suarez had his eyes set only for Barcelona because of his childhood sweetheart that lives there. The Madrid rumor was just an excuse or bu...
German Tank scores for Juventus assisted by none other than our boy Morata. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Eqoz1UrQtM Speaking of Morata, there are reports ...
"All my life I've been waiting for I've been praying for For the people to say That we don't wanna fight no more There will be no more wars And our children wil...
LMAO @ #4 St1or - very true indeed. The best part about the movie was how he describe Messi - truly my favorite part.
Marcelo was equally bad. Why did we loan Coentrao and not get a replacement?
4 months ago
With Keylor's impressive start of La liga, do you guys think Kiko will have his chance playing for cup games? I personally think we should have Navas play La l...
^It is no secret that Real Madrid is overly used to climb up division levels. Take this, after getting bored at division 1 - I decided to have a little challen...
5 months ago
It is called "Coentrao to ManU ver. 2.0"
And I thought Pique was drunk when he said it. I guess even in his sleep, he still dreams and talks about Madrid!
LOL Lewandowski missing the easiest tap in of his life!!
6 months ago
Like I said, it's either Marcelo or Pepe - next in line for vice captain. Marcelo ain't really the effective leader type. I don't care about Pepe's past, beside...
Marcelo & Pepe are next in line. How about lets break tradition and gamble it on Varane? Oh that's right he ain't a starter yet! I do believe Pepe fits the bil...
If this was Bale 2 years ago, he definitely would have made that pass to Cristiano. Another possibility to look into will be Bale being the CF instead of a CAM...
Cherysev & Lucas might be going on loan before the season starts while Illara is here to stay. More rotation of Modric/Kroos and Isco/James will do just fine, ...
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