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23 year old Male
Competitive games, smart & witty plays, quick counter attack and rough, very rough defense!
No touch, slow and weak players
Amateur (Defender)
My favorite players are:

Iker Casillas and Fabio Coentrao. Both play for Real Madrid.

Bow chicka wow. Hala Madrid!
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That's some salty introduction for a player that won us La Liga back in the day.
3 days ago
^ That's right! Since Barca ain't a Spanish team, we want them to lose. Am I right? Go Citeh! Annd Barca scored. Still, Go Citeh!
4 days ago
Longtime Pacquiao fan here and I can guarantee you that Pacquaio is past his prime. If I can compare him to a football player, he is like a Xavi now. So is Mayw...
1 week ago
There are reports out that says HBO will charge a whopping $100+ just for the PPV. The hype is real!
^I don't remember seeing that. I still miss Pipita. I would rate him better than Benzema as an overall striker. Benz compliments Cristiano better so it justifi...
It was definitely a troll bait question. Iker just got caught out in that moment. Defensive mechanism was a natural response there from Iker.
2 weeks ago
Casemiro and Cheryshev are coming back next season you know. Casemiro > Milner all day everyday
That was Top spinlike strike by Benzegoal
4 weeks ago
Well Uma, Messi couldn't keep calm when he blasted the ball infront of the Bernabeu fans. What kind of pro footballer you talking about?
1 month ago
Funny how Mourinho jinxed his game today by taking a jab at Ancelotti. “The other day a huge club was knocked out of the Cup and the manager said ‘it’s a...
How do you eat soybeans? I would include bananas on that list bud!
Recall Casemiro anyone? Since Illara's first year, he always had Sahin's mirror image on him. Too bad, with James coming in, Illara fell through really bad on t...
Congrats to Toni Kroos for winning "THE WORLD’S BEST PLAYMAKER 2014" -IFFHS
Lahm Xavi Totti Puyol Maldini
Interestingly enough, Falcao did the same thing when he followed Isco, Bale & Khedira (IG), a month later he made a premature tweet - "Hala Madrid" but then som...
^I'd like Navas to play too but Casillas deserves to raise that trophy. Another trophy to add on Casillas' legendary golden album. Hala Madrid!
2 months ago
Isn't supposed to be the other way around? You never know, maybe Jese will do some reggaeton grooves on Kolasinac when they meet
I wished Lahm made it instead of Neuer. A perfect combination of an attacking and defending player at its best. The best in his position, no one else even comes...
When Ancelotti was asked about Khedira: "The club want him to sign a new deal. We see him as a serious, reliable, professional player. We have a problem, but we...
3 months ago
That's why they call him "The Sniper"
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