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AC Milan, the best club in the world. But also rugby, tennis, fast cars, philosophy and economics, art, the PES saga and winters!! Not to forget Weizen beers.
And of course the mighty Muse, in particular the new Mozart aka Matt Bellamy
Inter, just the second (if not third) club of Milan
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If Serie A sucks your league sucks more you've been outplayed, your defense is ridiculous, you are full of players that in Italy would actually fill Serie B t...
6 years ago
Until Napoli beats them, next week
Let's forgive FCBayern1, he switched off after the first half
Shut up, Badstuber should've been sent off in the first half for that nonsense foul on Maggio. It's not Napoli's fault if he is such a bad defender.
Brokaaa, just ranting. Italian teams may dive, but kicked you out of the CL in 2006, 2007, 2010 and 2011. So maybe your talk is driven by a bit of frustration ...
LOL What about Ribery's dives? Two yellow cards for Zuniga in 2 minutes from two consecutive dives. Why always complaining? Feel bad to find a team that forces...
You're forgetting the big one: IBRAHIMOVIC
Money can't buy prestige, you can even own all the gold on this planet but very few 1st class players will accepr to play in the Bundesliga. So stop ranting. A...
We really needed a dog like Nocerino to replace the ageing Gattuso. Congrats to Uncle Fester
Inter finally struggling in relegation zone
Napoli has the best fans in the world...I never heard another crowd singing the CL anthem before... I can't imagine this stadium against Bayern, it will be wors...
You can't say they were lucky, they had like 12 chances to score. Where were your defenders? I rarely saw such a rubbish defending by a top quality team.
Dani Alves: "We' not as strong as they say" Extremely well done Milan, finally someone broke their certainties. It's like Leonidas hurting Xerxes and proving h...
You see? They are human!! With Robinho we could have won! FORZA MILAN!!
Yes he has italian heritage, his grandparents came from Veneto (northern Italy), anyway i can't understand all this hate towards Motta since other national team...
7 years ago
Dear Tony, I have never been racist in my whole life, I hate racism, so I truly don't know what you're talking about. Leonardo is brazilian, that's a fact. And...
Hi antonio, just to back up what jeroen has already told you, we have had a lot of your comments reported for their content which is verging on racism, and just...
Vivaldi, I've deleted several of your comments because they're incredibly offensive and rude, please refrain of such comments. You disgrace the name Vivaldi by ...
Luckily we let him go, now we have a great coach. Fatarse.
Shut up mageed, what do you think, Serie A is not a joke like la Liga, where a team can win all matches with no effort. In Italy every match is a war, you can l...
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