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I know, most of the Ronaldo fans dont watch Messi playing, and most Messi fans dont watch Ronaldo playing, they just keep on talking s**t based on the number of...
6 years ago
Apprecite ur thought to be honest .
Sad that Mascherano is the only player in the team who hasnt scored yet in any competition, besides Valdes.
AFGMADRIDISTA, follow foxsoccer. This may give u the info U need.
7 years ago
AFGMADRIDISTA, U kidding me saying Espn is a reliable source. Do u want proof how crap is this site? Check this:
People always keep on debating that EPL is far better league than any other in Europe. That always makes me laugh to the death. Can any EPL fan answer how man...
U made me laugh to the death. BRITISH DOMINATION !!! R U drunk, or talking on ur whim, do U follow the matches regular, or just read the sports article and make...
U r absolutely right mate. But at the same time I request you to rewatch the highlights once again and come with atleast 1 comment for RM. Lets c if you hav tru...
Madrid were BRILLIANT all over the pitch. They really attacked like the lions do. They showed an excellent example of FAIR PLAY like they always do.. Barcelona ...
Neuer, wat a player to watch... Besides him, none of the players in schalke were like playing.... Well played ManU... Expect some gr8 comeback on return leg in ...
Congratulations to all Madrid fans. No doubt Mourinho is a specialOne, though an arrogant one but that has nothing to do with sports until and unless we get ch...
@Mejay: I dont agree with your comment on RVP as he referee was pretty harsh on that decision, considering the mass of the supporters.
This is a fact that evry supporter believes only their team is plays fair and the rest in this world are just favoured by referees. Its worthless to talk about ...
@halamadrid26. Try to be a fair football fan. If U think 1-1 was not a fair result for RM, and just because of the referee, then wat do U say about the 1st pana...
There's no doubt that barca is the best and will come out to be the best at the end of all this all clashes. But at the same time, I tell U, dont underestimate ...
Being a fan of Barcelona... I never get satisfied with a tie... TIE is not a result that suits Barca. I wud better b happy with a loss, coz attack is our tactic...
No doubt. ManU was far too superior than Chelsea, and as ever Giggs the player to watch... Wat a player he is !!!
No doubt Barca played well with persistent attack as they are made to. But Shakthar played equally well. They were superb. I still fear with the current Barca's...
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