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3 years ago
Podolski has never played as a CF for his whole life. This is going to be as disastrous as playing Arshavin there a few seasons back.
5 years ago
The real super Mario
How is England overhyped..
Whoever bet on Torres winning golden boot must be having a good laugh right now
I dont see how the Germany-Italy game relates in anyway to how Germany would have performed against Spain. Germany beat Portugal in 90 mins which Spain failed i...
People always blame individual mistakes. Okay Hummels made that mistake. But players make mistakes all the time, its the tactics which serves to minimize the im...
Do not compare tiki taka with opera. Opera is actually enjoyable as it is full of drama.
Group A and D are jokes. Croatia and Denmark would have topped either group.
This game is so one sided like the CL final, almost thought Italy would lose the shoot out like the CL final as well..
This game is a complete French tactical failure. If they played their own game they might have a chance. But Blanc played 2 right backs to stop Alba, which comp...
Podolski improved tremendously in his defensive game. He doesnt pass very well, but he pass safe, unlike Shurrle, who made way too many sloppy passes today. You...
6 years ago
Ozil does map hack. He doesn't need to look to know where all the players are.
Any lower and it would have been blocked by one of the defenders.
Apparently no, England is NOT a country. United Kingdom is.
I so wanted to see Merkel hold a sign that says "Kick us out of Euros and I will kick you out of Eurozone"
Wow... 31 shots 69% possession and still lose.. The Bayern Munich Red and Gold stripes are contagious. And they have to lose to a blue team..
Ozil is the unsung hero in the two matches. He makes runs all over the pitch dragging defenders along with him and make space for other German midfield. The two...
Mario Mandzukic - 3 goals Mario Gomez - 3 goals Mario Balotelli - "Why always me?"
The difference between this new German team compared to the 2010 one is that they now know how to conserve energy instead of counter attacking like mad even whe...
Hart conceded a goal though
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