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Wow, that was some impressive play... Mouth watering stuff right there.
2 days ago
Should have been either Robben or Rodriguez.
2 weeks ago
Robben's quote: "I have a special bond with him. He is the most important coach in my career," Robben said. "(Moving to United) is not an option though. I will...
As DanielZ said, turn it inside out, wash it on the lowest possible temperature setting and hang it on a line to dry. I really wouldn't recommend putting it in ...
Martins Indi has been pulled all over the place so far, not very convincing as he keeps getting beaten.
3 weeks ago
It's sad how the Brazilians are booing Fred like it's his fault he was picked for every game.
We want 10 we want 10 we want 10!!!
Wouldn't surprise me if they sulk and refuse to leave the dressing room at half time lol.
0-5 and most of the goals were passed around beautifully in the box with such composure, a real treat this game is, especially after all the favor that has gone...
Oooooh Brazil are gonna get embarrassed Edit: And now it's complete lmao!
I'm surprised the Brazil players haven't tried cheer leading 10 times already...
Klose with the record!!
Far far far too easy for the Germans, amateur set piece defending haha.
I was thinking along the same lines earlier as well. Wouldn't surprise me if they had Krul drilling penalties over and over and also watching endless footage of...
If negotiations are going so well why is he talking about it? Seems like he's asking for more parties to get involved... :
1 month ago
Sad but true, James. If this American side played our English one I fear they would rip us apart lol.
Howard has put in a stellar performance once again.
What a rocket!!!
Quick, someone photoshop him in a Chilean shirt!!
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