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VincentK wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Mock the Weekend: Sir Alex Ferguson's injury-time indignation an insult to football's intelligence
5 years ago
Was he, Daniel? Really. Now go back and do your homework. Youtube -> Search -> "City vs United The Last 5 minutes of English Premier League 2011-2012." Notice -...
Danny welbeck is a diver. how many more penalties this lil s**t will have to dive for until the media says something? Shrek, Nani, Evra-the-c**t-Ashley Young:Th...
The best team in Spain, the best club in continental Europe! Congrats! Next year again!
6 years ago
I am just hoping the refs would not screw City in the next game. Fergie's Association has a long history of doing exactly that.
And that is coming from an Arsenal fan ... unbelievable. City plays nice football if not the best in England. There used to be a time in the 90s when ManUre wer...
It is systematic - that is why people are mad and have no time nor patience for bullshit in your "engaging" discussions. I watch English football since 1990 and...
Something like that, Farcelona, something like 2 non-existent penalties vs AC Milan. Something like Chelsea being denied 3 100% penalties. Something like Alves ...
Spot on, Ross. Without the refs - with this average team - ManU would not and could not win anything elsewhere, but England. Refs trash like Mike Dean, Lee Maso...
Lee Mason, Howard Webb, Phil Dowd and Mike Dean surely deserve their FA bonuses. Their boss Mike Riley too. P.S. Now expect next game ManUre to be on the rece...
Ahahahaha 11 players vs 10 players. current champion vs a championship side. at old shitfford. with a biased ref. you gotta be kidding, mate. no impact or whats...
Great observation. Rooney - notorious diver. Nani, Chicharito, Welbeck, Evra-the-c**t and even Giggs. ManUre's culture of cheating during Fergie has evolved a l...
Spot on!!
These discussion could go for days. One thing I know about Arsenal - we do NOT rely on the refs, the media, the big money. Wenger has been mismanaging (almunia,...
It is easy to grind when you play with 12 players on the field when it matters and you know the competition would be taken care of when it matters (Sunderland -...
@TGooner, tell me a ref who would give a penalty in the 90th minute at Old Trafford to jeopardize ManU's pole position at the end of the season? Tell me one. ...
If it wasnt for the likes of phil dowds, howard webbs, lee masons, mike deans, etc. - we would have a chance in 2010 despite the injuries and definitely last ye...
That's like saying - you would prefer to see barcelona on top of the La Liga and not Real. Cubs well known for cheating should not be leading any national champ...
People that are happy to see a cheating club being on top of the EPL have jaded view about football.
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