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If you take all of messi's best traits out he is probably average as well...i.e. he only has 3 things that differentiates him from average player. He can dr...
6 years ago
Wow...valdez mistook ronaldo for the ball? just reached out a hand casually and then complains when ronaldo goes down...really dirty play... although both team...
I can shoot on goal from goes on target. i can do that 5 times. does that mean i dominate a match? no it doesnt...u think possession is everything?...
7 years ago
And to fartbomb. yes it was solid defending. especially with two young fullbacks...robinson was great against walcott. for their defending, they do a share of ...
A very neutral comment from socrkeepr29
Draw was deserved. arsenal didnt create enough in my opinion...sure had more possession but its about creating goals and chances not just keeping the ball
Yea a draw was deserved robinson played amazing to neutralize walcott. and shut down doesnt mean no goals. clean sheet does. arsenal didnt have that many goal ...
If you get a stopwatch and stop every time the ball goes out of play...then start when play resumes im quite sure its all within 8 minutes. unlucky for arsenal...
Why does everybody criticise Madrid for playing with 3 CDMs and 4CBs? and playing on the counter? thats not a bad tactic?? last month Ferguson played something ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Torres diving little prick...seriously pisses me off watching such a good talented player do stuff like that...and he dived the first time ferdinand...
The league is nowhere near over mate
How much do keepers need to be rested tho...seriously.. not like he does much running.. maybe just protecting him from injury tho..but in my opinion you gotta ...
Yea was a stupid dive. especially since he was in a good position to score anyway...if somebody is running behind you and you suddenly slow down of course he's ...
What win? wasnt it a draw? altho from the looks of it a deserved draw. altho both teams couldve scored more if they took their chances well
Somewhere on FootyTube
Hope he does. i cant see another manager i'd
This is bad news. first VDS retires. now SAF...soon in the news. scholes and giggs retire and we may just lose all our key members :( well lets hope he can cli...
I reckon all ghanaian's will think he's a piece of s**t. but if the roles were reversed and a ghanaian did that against uruguay. you would worship that guy as a...
Agreed. a rule's a rule. he broke it and got red carded and missed the semi's...thats his punishment. sure its unfair but everybody would've done the same thing...
Exactly. if the roles were reversed do people honestly think somebody playing for ghana wouldnt have done the same? and if ghana went through in the same manner...
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