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Am sending a friend request to all aston villa fans come you villian's lets make our forum busy with comments
6 years ago
Look at that, two wins in a row and we go from relegation to top half. Keep it up Villa.
7 years ago
We need Dunne and Collins back, conceded two goals from corners with Baker marking Cahill. Great game from Bolton though, I always root for them when they're no...
Great game from the Gunners. Just don't get too cocky yet, Barcelona only needs to win 1-0 at home to go through.
Awesome job Spurs, always supporting you unless you're playing Villa. I really want an English team to win this year.
For the last part of the game, all three attackers were Villans. Great show boys, and great to see England win.
Great game, lots of chances. The penalty was so funny, they got the advantage call and then he just tripped someone else, haha.
He just got named into the England side too.
What a gem Walker is turning out to be, too bad we have to give him back at the end of the season. I bet he'll be a starter for Spurs when he goes back.
You guys should play Van Der Sar in midfield next game.
Well, at least no one else has beaten them either. Great game from United, good to see Rooney regaining some form.
The second goal was beautiful. Three touches after a goal kick and it's in the net. That's why United are still undefeated.
Loved Young's goal celebration. Villa look like a completely different side all of a sudden, hopefully a sign of good things to come.
I love that Villa's one big signing proved more effective than City's ten big singings today.
Talk about men versus boys, it was like we weren't even on the pitch. Great work from Spurs, I hope you guys can get back into the top four this year. The clock...
Haha! I love Jonathan Pearce, trying to seduce us all with his whispering commentary.
Come on Villa, you look like the New York Jets out there, haha!
True that MJVilla. Birmingham just became every Russian's favorite club. Thanks a lot guys.
That was really unsportsmanlike of those fans, to go taunt the Villa supporters like that. They won this matchup for the first time in many years, they have the...
I don't see any Madrid fans commenting at all. They're still a great team, Barcelona just played one of the best games of football I've ever seen. A flawless pe...
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