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4 years ago
Id love to see Arsenal with the FA cup but Man City look unstoppable this year!
The spanish league is so dirty
When is he going to learn english!?
Does anyone else think that ozil and cazzorla have been a bit off the last few games? Seems like they getting a bit casual/cocky.
Did Marcello really need to dive when they were 7-0 up!?
5 years ago
Is it just me or are there hardly ever any goals in the serie A?
6 years ago
RUTube..where you get 20 replays of a goal
Pepe is a total w**k! On a more positive note I love seeing puyol score. Barca deserve to win this game hands down.
What a game! despite supporting Arsenal I do like when the wee teams take on the giants with such hunger. The swans desreve this win
I feel sorry for Mallorca here, they deserved at least a draw.
Am I the only one who actually likes Balloteli? I think he's a great player and highly entertaining!
Mate try supporting a team that deosnt win by 4 goals almost every game. Stop complaining!
Good to see the lads are still holding their heads high and they came away with 2 candidates for goal of the month! Mon the scots!
Rodwell got the ball then caught Suarez with his knee, yellow card would have been fair. Shame because it was so evenly matched up to that point. Great game tho...
Wellbeck is the next big thing. He'll be scoring for England soon!
Too much quality for Bolton to handle. I feel sorry for players like petrov who could easily be playing for one of the top flight clubs.
Swans playm exciting football, I hope they can avoid relegation this season. The wee man Dyer is dynamite!
Without such a great goalkeeper Arsenal could be even lower on the table. Ive always been fond of Arsenal and Wenger and I really hope they find their feet and ...
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