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City fans only know to criticize. One game well, means they should win. Great game by them. But consistency does matter. They played excellent in few matches in...
7 years ago
@ Rassonero Calm down dude...let me handle Get Up Kid. So Mr. GetUpKid, first thing : Any one and every one who doesn't have history to be proud about, reacts i...
Grr!!!! I am not british. Lol.. Well, @ GETUPKID, I am in no mood of fighting as I am celebrating Barca's defeat. Ha ha ha ha ha, they lost. They lost to a team...
Be practical dude. I see them winning this year. But anything can happen although. Let us keep our fingers crossed.
@ TheFed --> +1
Well, there was a bunch of Inter Fans in the lobby above there and he was pointing to the up only. The barca supporters were frustrated yesterday, so are Barca ...
Messi has scored most only @ homes and in Champions League he hardly scored goals in Away games. He has some extraordinary skills and ball control. But when it ...
@ hxg, agreed! I hate Chelsea, but not as much as I hate Barca. So I think a +1 for you :P
Ok, another pool fan who doesn't want to leave a chance to humiliate United Fands. So Sambid, is it still hurting that you came so close last year but couldn't...
@ LittleC, why you guys always blame United for Own Goals and Last Minute goals. Game is won and lost by rules, and that is it. It is the pressure which United ...
Well, Ross, Agree, you please worry to save your team I am sure your manager is also about to be sacked so.... please save GOD for yourself so that he can liste...
I wish it is not true but it is most likely now.
Hahaa, I am sure you meant Man United. But believe, United Fans dont need to do it. We have enough history to be proud of. The title is all about winning, if C...
^^^ LOL
Well, I dont agree, the first leg @ Bridge, United were far better but eventually got defeated by the some bad referee decision. Win doesn't assure that a team ...
HAHAHAHAAHAHA I bet, you dont ever dare to insult retarded cows again ;)
^^^ LOL
Forgive Joe420x, Chelsea Fans are already feeling frustrated Lol.
8 years ago
What is that for? And what in the earth made you feel that Walcott should play in CM rather than wide.
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