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Same for Messi!
6 years ago
Messi is surely the Best player at the moment!! Such a player playing in the Best team currently with the most efficient and argubaly the best playing method - ...
Solid goals.. unsure vote for which.
Surprised to see how many are showing interest in this tournament... Anyway, a fantastic goal scored by Y.Msakni.
What a goal by Manucho!!
Next up: Barca!
Barcelona will take years to decline..
Surprising to see only 13 votes for the goal.
Congrtas to Ronaldo! A proven goalscorer both in england and spain! Congrats to Dudek! A Livepool Great and A Dependable Real Madrid Goalkeeper!!
7 years ago
Still, he was outshadowed by Germany. Still, I admit he had a better world cup as compared to ronaldo. We shall hope to see if he can perform his usual self aga...
Come on! The game's only bright spot was due to Messi's magic. It seriously annoys me when all the players have to surround the referee when there is a foul. Th...
D.Campbell goal was cool, much better than Pavlyuchenko's which was a defelction
Well, the main strength for FC Barcelona is their dominating possesion. Without their 65%-80% possesion, they may not have acheived much. For Real Madrid, there...
LOL. True indeed.
Messi will be going to FC Tokyo.
Well, Their slow passing is the reason I hate them. Its more like they used their possession to defend. Their tempo is too slow most of the times. I serious mis...
Anyway, overall, yesterday's GALA night is a milestone for FC Barcelona but a let down for Spain. Considering the fact that Spain represent 4 candidates in Best...
Is Messi the most influential player in FC Barcelona? Is the team exactly built around him? Is it fair to say he is the best player when FC Barcelona dominate p...
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