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VickeY just Watched
PSG Vs. Chelsea
Ronaldo's second goal was a joy to watch
@footycrazy You could have avoided being Silly by reading my challenge properly.
6 years ago
Found a better view
Ramos's nasty elbow. Escapes once again. I loved him at the WC. Now, i am starting to hate him. I wanna see clown fa...
That still doesnt justify Madrid being awarded penalty almost every match or Ramos escaping with nasty blows (3rd time this season without the ball). You only h...
@Shaz Who's talking about the scoreline?
You madrid fans really hate barca dont you. 5-0 still hurting u :P
I keep on seeing madrid playing against 10 men shows how corrupt liga is. Michu got red for fair challenge, yet ramos escapes nasty elbow.
Malaga belongs to an Indian Millionaire, if am not wrong.
@Jerrold777 Wouldn't that make ManCity superior to every other team? Or malaga Superior in La Liga? Tv shares can help buy players only. Not create talent.
It probably was you. Any person who watch Barca consistently knows how important Busquets is for them.
There goes another one. They just keep showing up ;)
Seen it ten times. Barca were denied penalty as well. not to forget sending off abidal. Go learn first
I found another one
They're all Barca Haters for sure
I see madrid fans whining here. I think they forgot the first leg where Barca played 11 vs 12. If it wasn't for referee then, Pepe, Alonso, and Ceontrao wouldn'...
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