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One of the very few days a year where I actually want United to win a game.
1 week ago
Looking forward to seeing Livepool doing some major damage next CL season
Pretty much sums up our season lol
5 seconds.... lol
Cool calm and collected, very well taken inside the 6 yard box.
I would back MisterBloom for manager.
Not sure which game is frustrating me more, Crystal Palace or this one.
2 weeks ago
Hahaha That's funny, for me I'ld rather see Gerrard win a title than watch manshitty win anything. Also I have respect for Rodgers and what he's done for pool...
I will be hoping that Liverpool win this title, I whole heartedly hate city.
Mou be laying the smack down after this game. Lol.
Always that way for us. our players* seem to have a weird complex. it's so frustrating....
Just because you're committed to someone doesn't mean that you can't be upset or disappointed with them. This is awful, title gone. Sad day after a season long ...
Why do our players look like they're playing hung over on the pitch?
That didn't take long.......
3 weeks ago
I think this will do:
Recorded the game, had to watch it after I woke up. Wow, was I ever not disappointed. Except, with 6 goals you would think that Torres would have 1 at least. G...
Said it once before and will repeat again, it's the lower tier teams that always pose the biggest threat in this league. Cmon guys this isn't LA ligua it's not ...
1 month ago
We're not bad, spuds marking is excellent. Mou needs to take Schurrle off and change up the formation a little, some Brasil duo action perhaps. We will be fine ...
I say it again, relegation team matches are HELL they scare me more than any top 4 game period (aside from the Liverpool game)
2 months ago
They look gassed out
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