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Nicely done by Shurrle to find the space for a shot when covered by 3 players
3 years ago
Same thing every year, the annual winter / xmas, wind down for Chelsea.... lol
It was 6 shots on target at the 73rd min before the pen....... thats 1 shot per 14 mins "on target"
Sorry I should have placed a /s at the end of it :P I think Man U will grab top 4 this season, if we're being serious.
They are very frustrating to deal with. Lots of dirty plays by crystal they are trying to aggravate our players and it's working so far.
Southhampton top 4 finish this year? wtf
Gus Poyet, man I feel bad for him right now but he got the tactics all wrong in that game.
And Mou thought he didn't need to deal with frustrating tactics any more after leaving la liga.
Thanks for the feedback guys, just trying to have an open discussion. Rivalry = fun in the EPL.
He has so much left in him, it's amazing! I can't believe we let him go lol! I hope he comes back for a coaching staff role....
I honestly think that Mou has done a great job with discipline, you see the whole team back there defending in a perfect line on the 88th minute. That's impress...
Yeah I figured too, I would be upset to be honest - I always felt that Man U and Liverpool were the funnest rivals to have in the league. I dislike city with...
Here's a question, and I'm not trying to be a troll - do you guys think there's a chance Man U might get relegated this season? Edit: came out of a discussio...
How about the Ivanovic though, this is his best season so far imo
So Torres was a potato?
Today Ivanovic showed us that even he can score better than Torres.
A little fun never hurts anyone man, keeping things spicy is where it's at.
Everyone put your flame suits on, this will be a hot season on these forums for Chelsea fans.
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