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Hey there Balkan boys! Here are results ex-Yu clubs had in group stages of UEFA CL and Europa league. Fun facts, if you are a fan of dark humor. Dinamo Zagre...
Here is a little laugh! Top ten list of insane football club owners, and off course there had to be place for one Serb and one Croat! Guess who are those two!!!...
Exactly, governing bodies are not doing a thing to stop hooligans, and that is the difference between us and the western countries. While their idiots are behin...
As a former college soccer player, here are my top two reasons why MLS has limitations to reach level of strongest European leagues: 1. Football is not part ...
Again, Partizan fans did provoke Buducnost fans (which at the end is what fans do, do not know what did they exactly chant), but Montenegrin police should have ...
Again, Partizan fans did provoke Buducnost fans (which at the end is what fans do, do not know what did they exactly chant), but Montenegrin police should have ...
As a Serbian (with no criminal record for hooliganism) I would just like to point out that it was strong reaction from English government led by Margaret Thatch...
I get your point and I agree with you. Issue with Serbian governing bodies (in football and state) is that we do nothing to prevent problems. We only act on it ...
Quite honestly, I know pretty much as you. I did not watch that match either live or on TV. All I have seen is from internet and newspapers. English are pret...
Buffon's save in CL final in 2002/03 against Milan. Hope Solo save for US against Canada. http://www.youtub...
I believe that in order to disrupt Croatian and Belgian fight for the top, it would take for Macedonia and Serbia to have a six game winning streak, which is, b...
Thanks for the link. I guess this type of the competition is interesting for British clubs as well, because there was always talk about Celtic and Rangers joini...
I read about it as well, and off course I am as well hoping that this idea that will no doubt benefit football in Balkans will come to an realization. I do beli...
The thing is that clubs in Serbia have presidents that are mostly egomaniacs and they cannot have coaches with authority bigger than theirs in the club. As Mace...
In Serbia nothing new! After Red Star firing Petrovic "Pizon" couple of years ago and Partizan firing Aleksandar Stanojevic nine months ago, Vojvodina sacked c...
UEFA published list of clubs that will not receive bonuses for competing in Europe due to unpaid taxes and debts to other club and players. Out of 24 clubs, 10 ...
Maybe it will sound funny, but I think Welsh player underestimated our team based on our performance against Scots. By the time they realized what hit them, we ...
Serbia - Wales 6:1 Quiet honestly, this was the first time I watched Serbian team pressing for the goal the whole match. I new this match was important for you...
Based on the highlights, how did Macedonia manage not to win against Scotland?! A lot of miss clear chances and awful mistake by defender to give away a goal. I...
Croatia - Macedonia 1:0 Wales - Belgium 0:2 Scotland - Serbia 0:0 Our team is filled with players younger than 22 and we play that way. You could see that ...
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