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I know, this seems like the first time no major player got injured :)
6 years ago
This just hurts to watch. once again arsenal shoot then selfs in the foot with those little mistakes.
7 years ago
Hahahaha what the f**k does Cesc and the illuminati have to do with each other. ur a Tosser!!!
He is going to be great! but i wish he would have gone to Juve, they need him more than city
True but they are both two completely different types of players
Both are great player but if you really think about it Cr7 is the better player. Messi is as good as his team is, remember Argentina's World Cup? even though he...
Hey~ I read about your comment on Suarez, I argued long and wide with my friends too. I believe in the same value as yours, what he did was a very humane action...
Hey asshole, Suarez did the right thing, the difference between him and Henry is that he got away with it and Suarez didn't. He actually got punished for his ac...
Even doe i do agree with what you guys are saying, do you not see the brilliance in what Suarez did. he did the ultimate sacrifice to give his team another chan...
No i think that mexico will have problems with france and uruguay. If they can beat Uruguay then they will be 1st place, if not they might not make it cause fra...
8 years ago
I dont think that they will be bigger than manu but they will be on the same level as them. you can compete with money< specially with bad owner ship. city will...
Im not surprised they didnt win. they put alot of young unexperianced player. i dont blame them, they have a big month cumming up and cant afford to use their b...
I hate it, its ugly. i loved the old ones.
Henry will be fine, France and Mexico will win the group and maybe south africa as a 3rd place. Giovani will have a good showing in the world cup and hopefully ...
I agree with u. by selling torres the whole team will get better, but the owners would refuse to give even half of the money to the club for other players. what...
Torres is good, but he is not worth $140. im not sure how much that is in euros or pounds but he is not worth more than ronaldo or even messi. David Villa is wa...
Vela is a good stricker, he just likes to chip the goaly. if you see most of his goals are like that.he should not play aa a lone striker he is better when bein...
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