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5 years ago
What the f**k happened to this site and the hightlights? Havent seen decent hightlights in ages. Anyways, saw the game last night. And bayern played like puss...
Ok guys. Ibrahimovic got red carded for alot less last fixture against Valencia. There were not so many complaints about that one as now, obviously because of m...
Vedinho nominated S. Umtiti (55') for Goal of the Week
Baines, what the f**k
Whad up arsenal
6 years ago
If you give him time to think about where he will pass/shoot he will f**k it up.
I logged in to say ; OMG DI NATALE!
Recently? He played amazing in Valencia with David Villa and its continued. It just took some time for people to realize since he wasent playing in the most pop...
Balotelli goal was amazing. Goal of the week
Mario Götze is truly amazing
Am I the only one who loves Balotelli?
How can Suarez goal be better then Forlans? Looks like this site is getting overcrowded by liverpool fans. Both Forlan goals were better. Good job Uruguay
They are plating in EL. Lazio got the CL spot
7 years ago
Ian Holloway, to bad he couldent keep Blackpool in the PL, they were great, but considering the circumstances he did a fantastic job tbh
Are you on something?
Sidwell - Goal of the match
Wow! Pizzi. Great goals
This is going to be difficult for ManU, cos they really cant know what to expect. But i think they will keep it under control, especially since their first le...
Love Valencia!
I really really like Bolton. Manu were lucky today
F*****g almunia im sick of you already. SUPERB goal by Arshavin tho
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