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Thats what I wanted to hear
1 year ago
Dont get me wrong Chelsea, i dont begrudge the CL-Title to you against us last Sommer. It was well deserved after so many years. But finally, your gamestyle is...
2 years ago
Well, at the end it still (and it always was) valid: The Team it deserves the most wins at the and. No matter how good we played, no matter how it was bitter fo...
La bestia negra bites again
Earlier the Dortmunders thown Bananas at Oliver Kahn, cause they were afraid of him. And now they are afraid of Neuer. Its like an accolade for him.
It was a pitch black day for bernd leno. He played bad this day, and the team he played against was barcelona, a bad mixture...
First time ever that i voted lucky for Barca
Ok, i have to admit: we played as s**t in this game. But Germans are never give up, Never! Great game by ukraine, Nazarenkos shot was like...Jesus
3 years ago
At the end its a victory for Bayern that became at the second half more nerve-racking (two goals by napoli) and expensive (Schweinsteiger injured an a red card ...
Was regt ihr euch denn so auf ;) Hier gehts um Fußball. Ich hab zum Beispiel jedesmal wenn die Türkischen Zuschauer gepfiffen haben gegrinst, weil ich genau w...
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