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I have always been an Inter Milan heavy supporter. I still remember when I was 3, I came back home from kindergarten and said to my father I was an AC MIlan fan since pupils showed up some black&red t-shirts. My father shouted at me saying I was choosing the wrong side and since then he decided to take me to San Siro's stadium every sunday to become a fervent Inter supporter. This turned out to be the best decision ever, my mood is today still influenced by Inter Milan outcomes, be a win or a loss and I can hardly remember myself missing out a match.

I will be open to any kind of discuss regardless one's footy faith.
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Feeling nostalgic? :)
1 month ago
One thing at a time mate..let's beat Costa Rica first which is far from a walk in the park and then let's face Uruguay without the obsession of winning (a draw ...
Totally agree with Chanman, my sensation is that if Argentina meets a solid team like Germany or Holland they'd screwed. Great offensive line but this team is w...
Watching you guys now..Honestly I expected something more, you guys are lacking the offensive sparks by your forwards but it is the whole team which is noty wor...
I wouldn't rotate as I wouldn't change a team which is working well. Also it's not time for experiments, no team should be underestimated, especially a team who...
Some considerations: as it always happens when we are underdogs we'll do a quite good WC even though I don't see us winning. We do have Pirlo and this means a l...
Don't get me wrong..I'm saying cos my granma is a hell of a player, much better than Guarin especially for her shot accuracy...Have you even seen her playing?
2 months ago
I would prefer even my granma over Guarin
I think none of them should leave. I would keep Botta and give him more playing time and try to use Alvarez as a n.10 which is where he played at the beginning ...
Who may come: Luis Gustavo Javi Garcia Mario Suarez Fernando Torres Erkin Nilton Who may/will leave: Zanetti Cambiasso Samuel Milito Guarin Alvarez Kuzmanovi...
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PS Today's match has proven that I was right about Mazzarri. He's in love with Kuzmanovic, there is nothing he can do to hide it. He preferred him over Zanetti...
THANKS FOR ALL MY GREAT AND UNIQUE CAPTAIN! No other player gave me the same emotions as you did during this 20 years of football. We got to know when you were ...
Haha thanks for the Inter merda..I agree you guys deserved this win tho ;)
I quite agree with this post. Milan deserved, they wanted these three points more than us. I found our attitude completely unexplainable, we didn't show any sor...
I'm pretty sure they will be remembered. I haven't seen players such as Rumenigge or Diaz playing in person and quite frankly I was young when Matthaeus was in ...
My analysis is that we watched one of the poorest derby ever, because both teams are average. However Milan deserved this win since they showed much more willin...
This is gonna be the last derby for: Zanetti Samuel Milito and maybe Cambiasso How do you guys feel?
Good point, I quite agree with you. I'm not a Bayern supporter and I admit I haven't seen much of them during the season. However the few times I saw them playi...
3 months ago
I think Inter deserves the 5/6th spot, I don't think we could do much more this season. However I tend to agree with Moe...I'd for another coach who banks on yo...
Honestly I can understand both Maxi and Icardi after he had been booed for almost the whole match by his former supporters. And showing the ear isn't like killi...
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