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I have always been an Inter Milan heavy supporter. I still remember when I was 3, I came back home from kindergarten and said to my father I was an AC MIlan fan since pupils showed up some black&red t-shirts. My father shouted at me saying I was choosing the wrong side and since then he decided to take me to San Siro's stadium every sunday to become a fervent Inter supporter. This turned out to be the best decision ever, my mood is today still influenced by Inter Milan outcomes, be a win or a loss and I can hardly remember myself missing out a match.

I will be open to any kind of discuss regardless one's footy faith.
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Watching an Inter's match is as funny as a kick in the b******s
2 months ago
Totally agree with Blackstyle...this team is average and these are the (fair) results. Quality is way too low....
I think Jonathan is our best winger, too bad he's injured
3 months ago
Finally a good performance by Hernanes. The guy has been disapointing at best lately which is unexplainable given his great skills. I think the investment will ...
Average...he is the kind of striker who doesn't create, he must be put in the position to finish off but poor assistance has come from our wingers during the pa...
He did what he could. Mazzarri fielded two players out of position on that side, Obi and Mbaye. To me Obi is a very average player but he couldn-t do much more...
I don't know what a person/coach should do to be sacked. After six matches we are fifth, we got scored 7 times against Cagliari and Fiorentina and after 1,5 ye...
Dawich!! How come you finally agree with me?! :)
I agree with Blackstyle. I see it hard to turn things around especially because we do not have the players to do that. Just look at our bench: we don't have a ...
I'd prefer to see great players rather than great stadiums...To me the only top player we currently have in Serie A is Pogba
4 months ago
Alvarez in not a winger. Botta didn't have to be a starter but he could be the kind a player who resolves a hard match from min 70 onwards..Now we do not have a...
I hope it'll work as a confidence booster. I still think- and I hope I'm wrong - that our low-quality replacements will turn out as a problem in the long run (w...
Good...I'll be waiting for tougher opponents tho
Blackstyle is totally right...this transfer campaign ended in the worst possible way
Agree. Bad game and bad refereeing. The direct red card to Vidic was ridicolous, it also happened to Sneijder once...can't recall any other episode as in all ot...
5 months ago
Agree with Marquinho. It's a risk, I would've banked on a youngster. It's a pity seeing torres in such conditions, he was used to be one of the most deadly stri...
Moe66, sorry but I can't agree. You can't get any indication, I play much better than any Stjarnan player..;). They couldn't even make two passes in a row...Agr...
Okay, Torres is a huge risk, it is hard for a player to get back to the top when he's 30 and after some disappointing championships. However you didn't seem to ...
Lavezzi would be a great addition to our team...His arrival would definitely raise the embarassing level of Serie A
Obviously this match doesn't give us any relevant indication about our team. We played against a much weaker rival and this victory had to be expected, I'm not ...
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