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I have always been an Inter Milan heavy supporter. I still remember when I was 3, I came back home from kindergarten and said to my father I was an AC MIlan fan since pupils showed up some black&red t-shirts. My father shouted at me saying I was choosing the wrong side and since then he decided to take me to San Siro's stadium every sunday to become a fervent Inter supporter. This turned out to be the best decision ever, my mood is today still influenced by Inter Milan outcomes, be a win or a loss and I can hardly remember myself missing out a match.

I will be open to any kind of discuss regardless one's footy faith.
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Agree, shameful performance
1 week ago
I know, but Draxler wasn't considered world class one year ago
2 weeks ago
I have just read your previous comments and I see that frustration has mounted! I can totally understand you given how many points we have lost with low and mid...
Mancini has had the huge fault of changing 2,000 line-ups. For example I believe he should insist on Kondogbia even though he has played under expectations (aft...
I am not saying Icardi is the problem, actually we are 1st which means we are doing well. I am just saying I would sell him if a good offer comes up. BTW I tot...
1 month ago
Players I'd get rid of are: Ranocchia Melo Dodo Guarin Icardi (if we receive a great offer) And one of our fullbacks (hopefully not Santon)
Ok, let's leave Sunday's match behind. We didn't deserve to win as we didn't start on the right foot. That said, we could have easily drawn. I believe Mancini ...
Haha probably not, don't remember what I was doing hahah
Had a dinner and couldn't see the match, how was it??
2 months ago
Monday's match will tell us much about Inter's real chances to fight for the first spot. Anything can happen in an away match against Napoli, what I will evalua...
The fact Mancini said we won't sign Pirlo, doesn't mean this will be true. Candreva is definitely a good player, quite different from Pirlo. I think Gnoukouri d...
I know I'm off topic, but we have known each other for a while and I'd like to know your opinion about the Paris happenings. I'm still quite shocked
Looking at Chelsea's current position, seems all players are dead weights. I think Falcao is not is great shape but he can still prove useful
3 months ago
Me!But I don't expect much from the coming movie. Unfortunately some cults such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park turned into marketing operations over the years.....
I would sign both Pirlo and Falcao. I prefer Falcao over Icardi any day and Pirlo can give a valuable contribution for 1 year o2 two. He can really improve our ...
BTW Vahagn, you're too kind naming Juve the old witch, down here we cal them the Old Bitch :)
@Blackstyle You're right about Nagatomo but just during the first half as in the 2nd he had a great, great perfomance I think, it's not easy to face Salah and G...
Very happy for today's victory, we probably deserved more than Roma. That said, this is still not the team I'd like to see. We parked the bus for 60 mins and ev...
Have you ever seen the movie Space Jam? Juve's players remind me of NBA startsthat suddenly lost their talent and turn into crap. By way of example, Pogba looks...
Perfect analysis
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