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I have always been an Inter Milan heavy supporter. I still remember when I was 3, I came back home from kindergarten and said to my father I was an AC MIlan fan since pupils showed up some black&red t-shirts. My father shouted at me saying I was choosing the wrong side and since then he decided to take me to San Siro's stadium every sunday to become a fervent Inter supporter. This turned out to be the best decision ever, my mood is today still influenced by Inter Milan outcomes, be a win or a loss and I can hardly remember myself missing out a match.

I will be open to any kind of discuss regardless one's footy faith.
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Honestly I can understand both Maxi and Icardi after he had been booed for almost the whole match by his former supporters. And showing the ear isn't like killi...
23 hours ago
It's not weird, it is because Guarin is worse than many other midfielders we have. Playing Guarin intead of Kovacic/Alvarez has been a suicidal move for most pa...
Imho Alvarez is really underestimated, the only problem is that Mazzarri is not fielding anymore in his proper position which means as a n.10 or straight behind...
6 days ago
Couldn't agree more
1 week ago
They are unlucky in the sense that this is the first yeat that they enjoy some sort of international exposure and for some reasons coaches prefer to rely on mor...
What many ppl seem to miss is the fact that Guarin would've been a sub at Juve...Vucininc has won two Serie A titles being a starter, don't forget that.
Sanchez is really good which is why I hoped we could get him a couple of years ago but unfortunately t is hard to compete economically with Barca. Now he's play...
Luciferbenz: you're right when you say that we are famous for wasting our talents, and this is the case of Pirlo, Coutinho and some other players we underestima...
N3RAZZURRI: Can you please tell one good match played by Guarin this season, I mean: one match that he solved or where Guarin was key to get 3 points? I just ne...
Anyone still thinking the Guarin-Vucinic deal was that bad?
2 weeks ago
I think Bayern wants to keep both, they will be playing 3 competitions anyway and it's always good to have high-quality replacements. Also consider that Mandzuk...
He's playing with Parma..don't think he's a starter tho
4 weeks ago
Players like nesta comes along every 50 years, I never thought Ranocchia was as good as him, but if he gets more confident he would be an important player for u...
Kovacic and Hernanes can perectly play together, the fat that they're both skilled doesn't mean they cannot play together
There's something i'll never understand and this concerns both Milan and Inter: why did we prefer Birsa/Honda/Belfodil instead of Cassano? I agree that Cassano ...
1 month ago
My opinion is that none is a magician. Milan really needs some renovation starting from its goallie. With this said, i may agree that Allegri had some faults bu...
Kovacic is a pretty complete midfielder, I think he can play either as a n.10 or att he very center since he has a great vision. Don't know if you guys had the ...
Haha exactly Blackstyle! Have been busy lately man. N3RAZZURRI: Agree with you, I really liked Ranocchia today, he played against Toni and he showed tons of pe...
D'Ambrosio, Icardi, Ranocchia, Hernanes, Guarin, was much older 1/2 years ago i think. Things are getting better on that regards imho, what matters ...
Handanovic 7 Jonathan 8 Rolando 7 Ranocchia 7 Campagnaro 6,5 D'Ambrosio 6 Guarin 5 Cambiasso 7 Hernanes 6,5 Palacio 7 Icardi 6 Zanetti 6 Kovacic 6,5
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