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I know,...i was surprised to. u can ve him if u want hard feelings mate
1 year ago
Hulk smash!!!! Arrghhhh!!!!!!!!
This might be the only thing I might agree on with a spuds
That freekick from Honda was sick...if only it had gone in.
Lmfao...@Liverpool0011 Y u no delete ur account.Trolling
That wasn't a goal,...why re liverpool fans still bitching
Would rather ve Wigan in the premier league than blackburn.....several football fans would agree with this, except probably Daglish minions.
Lmfao!!..what faith? They will always walk alone
2 years ago
Dude he sucked, didn't he use to play for liverpool?.....once u leave anfield u dead. I really feel bad for Carrol, he's so young "and useless".
Buahahaha!!!!!!...and we were doing horribly, i still ve flashbacks of 8-2...still brings me joy knowing y'all re still walking alone in. just like the spurs sc...
Buahahaha!!!!!!!!!!...wat a joke
He's a great player, hopefully he'll be back.........
We needed an early goal but forgot about the late goal,.....very sloppy perfomance in the last 30mins. All respect to the lads, they didn't go down without a fi...
U probably a spuds hiding in an Arsenal jersey
@Lampuiho u talking out of ur ass....i'm sure u re one of those that want Wenger sacked.
...Diaby just got back
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