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I doubt we are getting Bruno.. Maguire looks likely but he is mistake prone even for England. He is nothing like VVD who can singlehandedly fix the defence..
3 hours ago
Disappointed really to see him still at the club I won't lie
2 days ago
The best option is to just sack him and release him. What a waste of a player In any other business the people making such decisions will be sacked ffs. Man ...
1 week ago
You never know how stupid the people behind this club are We could have got tielemans for like 20m when he was at club Anderlech and we played then in Eiropa I...
Didnt juve just get Sarri? Lol... I dont think anyone changes managers twice in pre season Mou to Juve would be great through
Everything this club does is pitifully laughable... This tool earns $500k a week.
The whole team could not give 2 shits about the last games. We got some 5 points from the last 30 iirc. Thats relegation form right there. Is that all Pogba's ...
They did the same thing with DDG. Real's mistake and fax machine saved our asses back then. Unfortunately cant expect fax machine to save us every season. Sho...
Why is everyone blaming pogba? Just accept that the club is s**t. This 6th in the table not in UCL man utd, is not what anyone wants to play for. If the club ...
Have to agree with Dan. Looks immature. No one asked to sign Herrera on a 4 year deal till he's 35. Sign him for 2 years , and he didn't even ask 200k, just wa...
Mike left with LVG
No macguire is worth more than VVD who moved for 75m. VVD is potentially a world Poty winner, no defender should cost more than him. We are paying the man utd t...
Don't believe daily mail lol
Honestly utd fans shouldnt be crying about transfers fee.. we badly need reinforcements to arrive with the preseason hardly 2 weeks away 70m is nothing compa...
Bruno fernandes is the next big talent, moving clubs now If we cant get him we dont deserve a damn thing in the coming years. Flex your money muscles glazer an...
What a joke I can only guess Woody got scared Rashford will pull a Herrera and leave on a free , so offered him whatever his agent asked
2 weeks ago
It was the UCL lol
It doesnt really matter. .Most fans would be happy if they actually have ambition Regarding human rights issues, glazers pay taxes (from Man utd's profits) to ...
If he has only a 40m release, we should get him asap and sell Kaku for whatever we get He totally destroyed us when we faced Sevilla in the UCL couple of seas...
So many rumours .. apparently we are back in again for de light, someone else says cr7 will come to utd so Juve can pay for de light 😂😂
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