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Some of the players from the mens team will fit right in
Dont need an architect to tell you Man Utd's structure is weak
4 days ago
SAF telling Becks and Keano to eff off was him exerting back his authority on the squad The respect players had for him only grew after he had balls of steel to...
Why did Cech do the draw? He is still a playet innit? Strange
5 days ago
Mou just threw all the players under the bus again. His own f*****g bus. Its sad to see where this club is going. Its clear he has lost the dressing room, Mat...
6 days ago
Why did mou attack shaw? 🙄
Typical mou performance you could fall asleep and not miss a thing lol
The chosen one
Well what Im trying to say is that who tunes in to watch doesnt affect UEFA one bit.. It affects the TV network but not UEFA. Uefa sells the shovels (i.e. the ...
1 week ago
Thats is false lol. Everyone has a conspiracy theory but if you just look at the fixtures already and the teams which were considered as favourites at the star...
I think one important topic he talks about is City still have these players from the pre-Pep era: Otamendi, de Bruyne, Fernandinho, David Silva, Sterling, Sergi...
Liverpool could beat city but they will be found out vs Bayern or Real or Barca... These 3 teams are on another level when compared to the chasing pack. It has ...
I think he came up with the zlatan's image rights joke lol
Under Mou, United have turned into a team of theon greyjoys. Lot of anger and pride, but no balls Smalling as captain will be the end of the club as we know...
Https:// Yea a sad draw, even in the year where there are 5 EPL team in the first knock out round, only 1 will make it t...
Atletico are the biggest threat, I think Arsenal can beat rest of the teams if they play to their potential
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