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NYT is the biggest fake news website/paper you will ever come across. They even . put Daily Mail to shame
One thing ive understood is its pointless getting excited over rumours , unless you see a player in red its just a load of fakenews. Over the years theres not m...
Lol,how did you go back to 6 years? I can only go back to the oldest pages thats about 10 years back We were different beast back then. Probably Fergie's last...
2 days ago
In all fairness, finishing top4 next season will be a huge achievement. if offered, i'd take that right away now if we dont fill the gaping holes this summer ...
5 days ago
Fwiw we have had fitness issues for several seasons now. remember that season under lvg when virtually the whole squad was injured? players were falling like fl...
Lol, was this the article? Seems we...
Damn that volley, what an exquisite hit Tbh the last real striker we had lol
6 days ago
I think City's recruitment is a bit different than just signing superstars. They spent a lot of money on talents who were not world beaters when they signed for...
1 week ago
We dont need to say anything to anyone, we got Ashley Young. lol
And those players who come for money will be nothing but di marias and scanchez. They wont play for the colours, they will play just to make bank and eff off wh...
We dont even have wingers who can put in a decent cross, expecting quality fullbacks is a bit rich
What does Liverpool say to the God of Titles? Not this season!
Why would any Ajax kid even think about coming here? Man utd is a shadow of the club it once was. we have been thrown into irrelevance just like AC milan, Notti...
All the main decision are made by people above him. Let's see what kind of freehand he has in the transfer market ...Keane already called it. Ole will be left w...
True. When glazers took over, many fans protested but Fergie's managerial ability kept us on top. Now thats gone and the club is nothing but a cash cow with no ...
We have had 2 world class managers before Ole Lvg and Mou who have built teams across the continent and won several titles. Yet failed to rebuild anything subst...
Wtf no send off for Herrera? That's the least the club could do for a player who always gave his 100% unlike some of the mercenaries on the pitch right now. ...
Ole will get fired next season. Fans hoping he will turn it around are delusional This club needs to get relegated so that Glazer's yearly $500m loot dries up ...
Ole keeps talking about attacking football etc in the press conference but the team plays same garbage level football as under Mou
I cant understand, a game like this with zero pressure on the outcome and they still cant turn up.. or is it because they are just so s**t, despite turning up a...
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