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Barca fans I tell you...
1 day ago
Arab world is where the shits at, thats why all the Arabs are getting into football - Qatar, Saudi, Uae, heck they even bought the world cup... and Mahrez is bi...
Never thought fans would ever wish for Glazers to stay...but here we are thats the world today To think Magnier and McManus sold the club to Glazers due to a ...
You need to watch Riyad Mahrez vs Burnley to see the kind of attacking wing play that we have not seen for years at OT.. the guy is simply better than any playe...
Sarri showed great composure when facing a tough situation... someone like Conte or Wenger and pizzas will be flying in the tunnel
2 days ago
Giroud is the better option, his game is not goals but what he does to the team as a target man, as a bully of defences..
Its funny because after the first month of the season the media and even Bale went on to say "team doesnt need ronaldo, the team is playing more fluently and cr...
Cant be worse than flopthegui
Not surprising, Messi always tries to emulate what Ronaldo does
Lol crazy game cant believe we went into a lead but finally salvaged a draw after that shambolic first half display. Kudos to Martial the second one was a top f...
Rashford needs to get some goals and get his confidence back. It seems Mou trusts him with freekicks, corners and it puts him in the spotlight, just let the lad...
Yeah more I watch Sanchez more he looks like a finished player. Should have just got someone like Mahrez and we would of been much better
No point in watching this s**t... for what? Such a traditional big game, no tactics, no plan, no balls, of course no shots or attempts on goal...just playing li...
3 days ago
The guy is a purebreed donkey
Chelsea re good but I dont think they have the depth of City or even Liverpool. If hazard gets injured/misses few games they will struggle. City are just packed
If Saudi owns Utd I'll stop following Utd and instead follow newton heath (fc utd of manc). What these terrorists did with the reporter is awful and shocking an...
1 week ago
Mou got in 2 defenders - Bailey and Lindelof. Even when signing them we knew they were never world class players. Mou desperately needed a defender this summer ...
The oT job is jinxed, we are struggling despite getting the best managers whereas Chelsea are getting rewarded wherever they throw money (conte, sarri), City go...
Wow is this real? Renew DDG ffs.... we will not be in Europe if it wasnt for him. Some times it feels like even DDG performances have dropped this year but imo ...
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