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Lol again :p Man utd is the richest club in the world only on paper. Which is why I laugh whenever some other clubs try to put us in the same bracket as PSG o...
3 days ago
This s**t really sucks. Everyone keeps comparing what city spent to what we spent but this is the real story - we make 3 or 4 times what city make annually yet ...
Man utd were supposed to get to that level this summer. Turns out we broke lol Season may be between CIty and Pool , both have the best starting XI...
4 days ago
Media wants both Mou and Pogba to fail. There are already articles like "When will Mou get sacked" doing the rounds. Just pathetic, but thats the media
^ There are no clinical players on the counter. In yesterdays game there were atleast 2 great counter opportunities that started from our own box, but resulted ...
5 days ago
^ Look at it from managers perspective. Last season man utd finished 19 points behind City. So City are already miles ahead in every department... And to that ...
6 days ago
I cant imagine the board would have told SAF that they "think a player is not needed." Its ridiculous. Every loss, Mou is gonna talk and moan about this but he...
Fred is a 65m player, doesnt even play the same position as Lingard. Shaw a remarkable game, hope this can rejuvenate his career Sanchez was disappointing...
Its so annoying!!
Andreas Pereira is amazing at DM! Super versatile player...
Dont understand why the english FA makes transfer window close early While not implementing VAR Its like the world takes one step forward, English FA 3 steps b...
He'll be good with matic, expected he will make a few mistakes coming from the Ukraine league. The intensity is much higher in the EPL...
All over the place...
Just 20 min of the season to expose the frailties.
Matic an Herrera already injured Add Valencia too. Season cannot start better lol
Mou says leading the squad to 2nd last year is one of the biggest achievements of his career. Its a shocking revelation... You can clearly see he feels let do...
You are not understanding the points. Spending the same amount of money is only half the argument. Spending 500m on an already stacked squad will easily give be...
1 week ago
Bazinga - only Klopp has done better in terms of returns from a poor squad. Pep already inherited a stacked squad (city squad was not lacking quality before pe...
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