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Chelsea Vs. PSG
4 years ago
5 years ago
Well..nothing unusual losing...
Wat nonsense..its not a penalty..stupid divers..
Lol..incredible chelsea itseems look at dimatteo comments,,the team which is not in the top four in the premier league for their next season's uefa champions le...
6 years ago
Could not defend the butt for 20 miserable minutes,,,which costed 2 valuable points in the title race...Now city will defeat united and will be levelled on poin...
Love to see the faces of mancity and its fans...what were they thinking,,,we have money we will the silverware,,,just s**k on it u b**st**ds
Spend the money....never mind if you ruin the sport of the football...
Shameful,,,disgrace,,,pathetic,,,any words better than this to describe manutd performance would be better,,,such a sloppy defence,,evans, smalling, ferdinand, ...
I pray that Arsenal never loose their form again...It is so fascinating to watch them play like this
Such shameless bastard is pepe,,all the madrid players, how ugly their gameplay is, cheap and so many cards and 11 red cards for sergio ramos wow....purely tota...
City was lucky to get two goals
City was lucky to get two goals
Could have increased the gap...6 points, when city dropped 3 points in last week....
Lol..using valencia in defence...really fergie u are mentally retarded.
1 lucky asshole, 1 rubbish bastard, 1 average in performance vote
Money money money commercial speaks today..not values..u gain no trophy for a decade, earn business profits, invest in seducing players or in other ...
Carrick and valencia at defensive position,,,rafael in ferguson please retire..its best...
May be now ferguson thinks about bringing new players...he got so carried away with victories over fulham and wigan..or else it is time to change ferguson...cha...
Such a exquisite performance by arsenal..they have to settle for a draw..really unlucky really...
Awesome chelsea...mission accomplished...dirty city wont achieve things.
As usual...barca win again over real surprise,,,real paid for their dirty gameplay
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