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Ronaldo > Messi end of an Era.
6 years ago
'Dont tell me you gonna defend all the melodramatic dives we have witnessed from Barca? At least admit that and im cool.' still haven't admitted to that point p...
I am talking about the game in general, if anything the first PK should of been given for handball the second was a mistake from the defender and could/should o...
P.s the shove on Cuenca could of have been avoided by the defender if he used his body to guard, so i cant agree with you on the 'stonecold penalty' however the...
Maybe there are some rational fans who are actually true supporters of the game and appreciate the game; which i believe i am one of them. I am not hating on Ba...
If you watch Cuenca's first touch; its actually a bad one and if the levante player kept his hands down and just barged the kid then its not a penalty. Therefor...
How many of you dimwits actually From Spain? or from Barcelona? Probs about 2%, stop jerking off to barcelona and trying to defend them with justifications and ...
Well said! go WIGAN! :P
MESSI'S THE BEST I LOVE MESSI I LOVE BARCA! I LOVE DIVING SH!THEADS BLA BLA BLAAAAAAA. CR7 is a quality player and he plays with passion so now he is crybaby? a...
Barcelona fans stfu please they dive for fun and get people sent off for nothing! Used to rate Barca till they started diving! If that tackle was made in La Lig...
If that tackle was made on 80th Minute everyone would agree it was a red, just because it was start of the game does not change anything! Nobody should be divin...
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