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Yep.. you can have him.
5 years ago
I'm still anti Rafa. Can't wait until he's gone. I can respect the fact that he did a decent job while in charge but that does not translate in my supporting hi...
He did get a medal.
BleacherReport is almost as bad as the dailyfail!!
Dortmund fans are amazing!! Check this out. http://images.scribblelive.com/2013/4/9/61ff2827-763f-4db3-8c44-42f1e0f787ad.gif
Oscar vs Juve hands down has to be the best Chelsea goal of this season.
Next time please write in flashing bold neon color NSFW!!
Would love to have him. He's a mix of Alonso/Modric/Dembele.
UnseenCFC thought the Chelsea v Aston Villa match was awesome
No.. it was written by the admin of the Chelsea site.
Dexter, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad. I hear great things of Homeland but still haven't had the chance to watch it. It will be raining this whole weekend in m...
@Fowler - If this place is so full of PLASTIC FANS and it makes you SO SICK, you can always do yourself and us a favor and never post here again. Simple solutio...
I think the mid week game just took too much out of the players. Also the fact that it was raining AND hailing made it very difficult. I'm not too worried about...
Stop blaming Cech. He had 3 players in front of him blocking his view of the shot and to top it off it was hailing. You do understand that Cech is human after a...
He asks Bejo and Arsenalmylove to stay away from the Man U forum, yet he has the right to come here to our forum. http://www.thelifestream.net/forums/images/s...
LOL i'm also trying to comprehend what Jas said.
@Sparker - LMAO!!! At least we're still in the Cup unlike spurs.
My thought exactly but step back for a second and try and grasp how royally f&&ked we would be if this was true. LMAO!! who ever wrote that story has a vivid im...
Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cs88nvpF_gw Evans walks away card free while Drogba gets a yellow. Yep seems right. Fergie with the ref in his pockets again.
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