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Just wondering, how does a free flag immediately mean plastic. It could just be the club wanting to give the fans a way to show their support. So that when the ...
1 year ago
Dave was brilliant. he should be in there
Now they have Berbatov, if he is feeling like working hard...then the back four will have to be on top of their game.
F**k it.
Hahahah Balotelli is securing that City won't win this. what.a.stud.
Ref doesn't like Torres.
Why? Mikel is playing well today.
You have to admit he is looking more lively.
Props for Torres, he could have easily gone down there.
Milner is an ass.
Personally i like this. i don't think we are a possession team right now like barca. i like us sitting back and then countering with our trio.
The point is they are both overpaid immensely.
Cough Joe Cole cough
Fergie is dead on right here. "Rafa Benitez is very lucky because on his CV in two weeks' time he could have two world championships to his name - and has had ...
Sinclair, the timing to take the cross out of the air is incredible. Zlatan had a lofty, poorly punched ball floating in the air from Hart. I also think Zlatan ...
If only we had a player like Alonso....
I couldn't agree more. I would also add let's stop discussing hypotheticals about who we could buy and what our dream team is. We don't have Falcao, and we won'...
I'm surprised this happened so early but I pretty sure we weren't gong to renew his contract at the end of the year. Roman is just waiting for Pep or Jose. Good...
RDM classy act. Head held high leaving Chelsea.
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