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Is anyone still smiling? I believe Barca can still make it though, because they are Barca, after all. I am just enjoying this rare, rare occasion.
5 years ago
SUPERCOPA dates announced! http://laligaandlipstick.tumblr.com/
SUPERCOPA dates announced! http://laligaandlipstick.tumblr.com/
Omg the second one is sooo funny
I came across this new blog I love! http://laligaandlipstick.tumblr.com/
This is a great new blog I stumbled upon! Right now it concentrates on the Spanish NT but they are clear real madrid fans! http://laligaandlipstick.tumblr.com...
Men of the tournament for Germany: Khedira, Ozil For Portugal: Pepe, Cristiano For Spain: Ramos, Iker All have one thing in common: REAL MADRID...i feel go...
SOOOOO...opinions on Portugal!? What would be the most effective way to play them? Let's have some dialogue!
In the group stage, Spain was the country that scored the most goals, allowed the fewest number of goals, had the most ball possession, had the highest number o...
At these stages, I am always curious to know which games will end up being the "upsets" and the underdog go through. I think Spain will take it against Franc...
@shazlil95 THE SPANISH NATIONAL ANTHEM HAS NO WORDS....that's why no one in the crowd sings either!
And then....JESUS showed up...and a Saint, in the form of Iker. This in hindsight will be good for Spain just like loosing to Switzerland was, because they alw...
I don't know what to think about all the rumors about Pipita. After he got his shirt signed, I have NO idea what to think. They dead "thank you for everything...
Honestly, Barca can boast their 70% possession like they did in the last Classico. If your passing at the midway point just to say you had all the possession, i...
I love Arbeloa, and how he just says what he wants!
I haven't gone online since the game!!! I still wanted to give my woo-rah comment!
6 years ago
Hey biddies, I haven't even come on yettttt!!!!! WE f*****g WONNNNNN!!!!!! On my 21st Birthday, WE WONNNNN!!!!! best gift in the entire world, no joke...i wa...
F**k. we deserved the loss. It's ok, they just can't score in the Bernabeu.
They are playing at basically the same pace as usual, Bayern is just FAST. I will never forget in the World Cup final, when Robben was running and Ramos and Puy...
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