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Ojswift (Omar Zabre) from Los Angeles, Usa
Omar007 (Omar Caroll)
Pauletta (Paul Catterall)
Pdwalker2 (Paul Walker)
Kiwi-born, living in the UK.
Realmcoy (Sean Mc) from TO, Canada
Can't help it but I like to make things happen with a little style and passion... especically when it comes to football and playing it. Learning how to improve stuff around me is a ...
Shakey15 (Shaikh)
Shanks91 (Shashank Gupta) Singapore
Threkstari (Threk Stari) Netherlands
I'm a real cunt. Just ask Godspeedysick
Vassallohotspur (Anthony Vassallo) from Sydney, Australia
I love football wish the A-league was just like the EPL or any european league. im half Maltese And half French. i have been to alot of places in europe. i think europe is the ...
Viktorcpu (Viktor Stojanovski) from Skopje, Macedonia
I had a dream that we played Real-Barca mix team. Aguero from ATMadrid plays for us and constantly scores goals. No Offside rules. It was 6 goals till i turn to Ronaldo with no hai ...
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