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Overall that was a hell of a response, albeit against a pretty crappy Gladbach side. Even our defense wasn't half bad today!
22 hours ago
Sweet Jesus. Those last 2 goals... I jizzed. :
Something needs to be done about this defense, if it can even be called that. It's not just the players. It's the coaching. I don't for a second believe that th...
1 week ago
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL As soon as we scored the equalizer, I called it. Watch us s**t the bed immediately again. Is that what we call "defending" now? That'...
What. The. F*ck? Lol. I have to smile to hide how scared shitless I am of this "defense", now without Burki for 8 weeks :) : :(
But anyways, solid 3 points. When I saw the team sheet and formation I thought "Oh no, Tuchel is experimenting again... don't think about the 5-1, don't think a...
2 weeks ago
How does Leipzig keep winning??!?!?!?? At this rate I might have to start respecting them soon... :
I hope this is not Aki's plan to replace Auba : http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/usain-bolt-train-borussia-dortmund-he-intensifies-plans-swap-athletics-football-15912...
3 weeks ago
I don't blame Burki for either of the goals, but the thing that really annoys me is when he tries to play the ball with his feet. There were a couple of times t...
4 weeks ago
Chances we blow a 4-0 lead? Looking pretty good every time Ginter or Burki get near the ball.
And now I'm f*cking pissed :@ Again...
1 month ago
Must-win game. I'm scared :
Yes we have a lot of great young players with big futures ahead of them, but I think it's clear that there is at least 1 (and arguably 2) areas of the team that...
Before today Ingolstadt had only scored 4 goals this season. A draw may as well be a loss.
Sweet. Another goal. Watch us concede again now...
LOL. Finally get a goal back and immediately the defence shits themselves again. Even with Hummels we were terrible at the back. Why did we not get some actual ...
Wow. This might be the first match I stop watching at half time. Pathetic.
I guess the silver lining is that at least the table looks much more competitive this season :
This has seriously got to be a f*****g joke. Gift of a penalty and still can't put it in.
AAAAAAAGHGHHHGH!!!! Fcuking Auba!! He's right next to Ginter on my rage list. What a pathetically predictable attempt to chip. The keeper knew exactly what was ...
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