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Well... so much for not selling 3 key players in the same window. Hopefully we can at least get someone like Schurrle or Bellarabi as a replacement. Weak.
1 day ago
I hope we hold him the way we did Lewandowski. We don't need the money, and there isn't a suitable replacement on the market... at least not that we could get a...
1 week ago
Meh. All good signings, but none that can immediately fill the voids left by Hummels and Gundogan. Both Bartra and Rode are a step down. I don't know how you ca...
2 weeks ago
Hopefully he won't want leave after 1 good season.
3 weeks ago
That's why it's so important not to bend to demands for buyout clauses :) And some fan you are. Where's the belief? :P
1 month ago
Http://metro.co.uk/2016/05/28/pierre-emerick-aubameyangs-gabon-coach-claims-he-is-moving-clubs-5911112/ Trolololol. But serious question... if a team comes of...
F*cking pathetic. After all that work, we put arguably our 2 worst finishers on the penalty spot and f*cking hand the trophy to Bayern like a f*cking gift. What...
What. The. f**k. Who's brilliant idea was it to put Bender and Sokratis up there????? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?????
Brutal tackle by Costa. No idea how Durm is still playing. I swear I thought his ankle was broken. Should have been at least a yellow.
To be fair that was a pretty tough cross to finish. Overall this has been a pretty boring, cagey game to watch. To be honest, it's hard to imagine us winning th...
Yea. I guess with the players we were missing, Tuchel felt we needed to improvise? 2-2 is a fair result at the end. Another poor defensive game from us. Every s...
:@ 2 chances for Koln, 2 goals. This defense of ours is garbage. Maybe there's a silver lining to this Hummels business. Our back line needs a complete and tota...
No chance that we'd be signing an 18 year old as a "replacement" for anyone. Unless we're planning a few years ahead. I'm still hoping the Mikhi deal gets done ...
If the price is really that low, then this could be a huge coup for us. Dembele, Weigl, Pulisic... good core of young players right there.
I like them a lot. I'm a fan of the vertical stripes look though, so I think the new home kit is the best we've had since the 2012/13 CL shirt.
The fact that people like me expect to win almost every game is a testament to how far this club has come in the past 10 years. We should be proud that we're st...
Yea, yea. I have to wake up earlier than I'd like to on a weekend to watch these matches, so seeing a performance like that, where basically our strongest side ...
Sure with a Bayern win this game "doesn't matter"... but this is still f*cking embarassing
The way Frankfurt are playing... this is exactly what we should have done against Liverpool after the 3-1. We're getting completely smothered. Bullshit offside ...
To be fair, I and many others would argue that if anyone was most at fault for the Liverpool loss, it was Hummels as both captain and as our #1 CB. After all, i...
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