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Meh. Not a bad result. Not a good one either.
10 hours ago
Yea, it used to be more frequented than it is now. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth joining reddit to get in on this board ... https://www.reddit.com/r/borussia...
2 minutes into the game I was thinking "this might be another Leipzig". Freiburg knew our defensive weaknesses and tried to press them as best they could. But t...
4 days ago
Talking points: - Auba took a few knocks and was limping at a few points in the game. Hope he's good to start against Madrid : - Guerreiro. This kid is the be...
Yea that was definitely some shabby defending again. If that was Real we probably would have lost 6-5. You've pretty much said what needs to be said about Schme...
1 week ago
So basically what we've learned in the past week is that when we're given time and space on the ball, we have the ability to tear any deep-sitting defense to sh...
Holy s**t. Forget Gotze and Schurrle. They should be our depth players. Give me Dembele, Guerreiro, and Pulisic to start any day.
Wow. That was just f*cking disgusting. This is probably the most shame I've felt as a Dortmund fan in the past 6 years (well apart from the loss to Bremen at th...
2 weeks ago
^ Don't jinx it!! Although I agree, playing Madrid is starting to get kind of boring
1 month ago
Not a bad group. We'll have to be careful on the road, but this is definitely win-able even though Madrid are the obvi favourites.
Season hasn't even started and another knee surgery for Durm : That guy has terrible luck.
Boring draw against Sunderland. Still lots of work to do. Looks like defending set pieces is going to be just as big, if not an even bigger problem than it has ...
My guess at Tuchel's first 11: --------Auba-------- Reus---Gotze---Schurrle ----Weigl----Castro---- Guerreiro--Sokratis--Bartra--Piszczek -------Burki-------- ...
2 months ago
In case you haven't noticed, all of those players that have left for "dirt cheap" only had 1 year remaining on their contracts. So it was either that or lose th...
Meh, if he only stays one more season and we get at least 60m for him next summer I probably won't complain. And yea. I don't get why he needs to keep repeatin...
:$ Dammit. You got me.
Yea, not sure we needed both Gotze AND Schurrle... A midfield of Reus - Kagawa - Gotze, rotating with Dembele, Mor, Pulisic, and Castro? That sounds plenty dee...
What's Sané's price tag? 50m?... Yea, that's smart money /sarcasm
^ That was 2 pre-seasons ago... And we all know how the rest of that season went. -_-
Well... I suppose we could have done worse.
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