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Meh, if he only stays one more season and we get at least 60m for him next summer I probably won't complain. And yea. I don't get why he needs to keep repeatin...
19 hours ago
:$ Dammit. You got me.
5 days ago
Yea, not sure we needed both Gotze AND Schurrle... A midfield of Reus - Kagawa - Gotze, rotating with Dembele, Mor, Pulisic, and Castro? That sounds plenty dee...
6 days ago
What's Sané's price tag? 50m?... Yea, that's smart money /sarcasm
^ That was 2 pre-seasons ago... And we all know how the rest of that season went. -_-
Well... I suppose we could have done worse.
1 week ago
Nah, those assholes would take Weigl before they took Reus.
2 weeks ago
A rotation of Kuba, Dembele, Mor and Pulisic does not exactly fill me with confidence. Rumours are that Tuchel doesn't want Kuba back anyway. Seems like he just...
3 weeks ago
I second everything you just said. I hope Man Utd are happy with their expensive flop... we all know Mourinho won't have the patience for the time it will take ...
Well... so much for not selling 3 key players in the same window. Hopefully we can at least get someone like Schurrle or Bellarabi as a replacement. Weak.
1 month ago
I hope we hold him the way we did Lewandowski. We don't need the money, and there isn't a suitable replacement on the market... at least not that we could get a...
Meh. All good signings, but none that can immediately fill the voids left by Hummels and Gundogan. Both Bartra and Rode are a step down. I don't know how you ca...
Hopefully he won't want leave after 1 good season.
That's why it's so important not to bend to demands for buyout clauses :) And some fan you are. Where's the belief? :P
Http://metro.co.uk/2016/05/28/pierre-emerick-aubameyangs-gabon-coach-claims-he-is-moving-clubs-5911112/ Trolololol. But serious question... if a team comes of...
2 months ago
F*cking pathetic. After all that work, we put arguably our 2 worst finishers on the penalty spot and f*cking hand the trophy to Bayern like a f*cking gift. What...
What. The. f**k. Who's brilliant idea was it to put Bender and Sokratis up there????? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?????
Brutal tackle by Costa. No idea how Durm is still playing. I swear I thought his ankle was broken. Should have been at least a yellow.
To be fair that was a pretty tough cross to finish. Overall this has been a pretty boring, cagey game to watch. To be honest, it's hard to imagine us winning th...
Yea. I guess with the players we were missing, Tuchel felt we needed to improvise? 2-2 is a fair result at the end. Another poor defensive game from us. Every s...
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