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I have watched every game so far this season, and what I've seen has been a total lack of creativity on top of the (now usual) horrible defending. You're right ...
2 days ago
So... I wonder what the excuses will be this time? This is officially the first full-blown crisis we've had in a lot of years. There really is nothing much to s...
3 days ago
Ok I lied. That wasn't really that honest... -_-
Honest question this time. When was the last time we scored first in a match? (Excluding CL)
In other news, the retard English media reporting that when Hummels told them publicly to f*ck off with the Man Utd rumours, he secretly meant that he actually ...
1 week ago
Of course I exaggerate. That's what people do when they get upset. But honestly, watching that match, all I saw was terrible decision making followed by more te...
2 weeks ago
If there's a better way to tell the fans "we just don't give a f*ck", I haven't seen it. Our BL performances have actually gotten worse since Mainz. I didn't th...
I don't even know what to say anymore. Every time I have a little bit of hope, we find a new way to s**t the bid. I'm almost at the brink of tears. When was the...
If there's a silver lining to the terrible results of late, it's that typically after a bad showing in the Bundesliga we've come back and put on a real performa...
3 weeks ago
I'm officially disgusted. These past 3 performances have been inexcusable. Forget about the title. Playing like this we'll need a miracle to finish in the top 3...
It's not like you need to look where you're kicking the ball...
AAAAAAHAHHAHAAHH!!! f**k. f**k. f**k. I honestly don't believe this s**t. The worst defending I have ever seen in my life. What scares me the most is that if I...
Thanks man! Ended up just ordering from sportchek. They had a customer appreciation day so everything was 25% off and free shipping. Good to know about subside ...
I don't know man, what the hell is wrong with Porto? It's all about money, and teams like Bayern have a lot more of it than we do.
I responded to your question on my comment wall. Cheers
4 weeks ago
Ah sorry man. I replied under your post.
1 month ago
Sorry I didn't see this earlier. For my Reus jersey it took somewhere between 3 to 4 weeks to arrive from the time I ordered it. All in all it cost me just unde...
This is ridiculous. If we lose this game after the opening we were given from Bayern today, I'll have no words. Just horrible so far.
Http://youtu.be/hQWT6q_CpiU Just for you Jeroen :)
CIRO DAS f*****g HERO!!!!!! I can't complain about anything other than that the score wasn't closer to 4-0 or 5-0. That was just total domination. I'm happy. ...
6 months ago
UWMike just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
7 months ago
8 months ago
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