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I won't lie and say that the game against Chelsea is the first I've watched of him this season. That was a ridiculous performance, but I'll hold judgement until...
3 weeks ago
There was a time when these tears were tears of joy. Now it's mostly disgust and laughter.
1 month ago
A team of this supposed quality should NEVER be happy with a result like this. Especially when giving up an equalizer within the last 10 minutes. That said, con...
Not a great result but still first place. Onwards and upwards!
I hate squirrels.
Replace Micki with Auba and put either one of Ramos or Immobile up top and I'd be happy. Auba had by far his best game of the season and the best I've seen him ...
Well... I'll admit, that non-call on Subotic almost made up for the ridiculous disallowed goal from Auba. It SHOULD have been a comfortable win for us... but ev...
It's just bullshit piled on top of bullshit. Even with everything that's gone wrong this season we STILL have to deal with f***ing horrible officiating robbing ...
Depends on who scores first. If we do, I don't think we'll see another Paderborn. Comfortable win for us. But if Hoppenheim get the first, especially if it come...
Just take Mikhi out for a couple of rounds before the next game. He hesitates waaaay too much on the ball and needs to lose that. It's worth a try. Drunk Mikhi ...
Lol. I'm being melodramatic? 3 wins in 12 matches. 11 points. Dead last in the league. You have eyes and ears so I assume I don't need to go on. This is a team...
I don't know how much more of this I can take. This has become physically painful. My heart literally hurts. No excuses. No more playing the victim. Apart from...
............................................________ ....................................,.-'"...................``~., .............................,.-"...........
All things considered, we're 9 points behind 3rd place. With 24 games to play that's definitely not insurmountable.
I hope the club "apologizes" for the results so far this season by discounting the kits in the fan shop. Next up, Ginter away shirt.
2 months ago
Of course not. But it's still another ankle injury. It stands to reason that the more of a beating that ankle takes, the more injury prone it becomes. No?
Depending on how long Reus is out for this time, I'm starting to think it might not be so stupid to consider selling him in the winter for the right price. This...
The worst part is that he had the nerve to complain about the foul being called too. Clear studs on ankle, should have been a no question red card.
This is f*****g disgraceful on so many levels
Can someone please explain to me what just happened? Why was Grosskreutz's goal disallowed?
9 months ago
UWMike just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
10 months ago
11 months ago
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