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Some captain. F*cking snake.
16 hours ago
Hummels to Bayern? I'll believe it when I see it, but if it's true then what a f*cking c**t. He openly criticized Gotze in public when he sold out, so to turn a...
3 days ago
Yea, he's proved himself this season in a BIG way. He made people like me who ripped on him for his last 2 seasons look like fools. I'm so sorry Mikhi! Please d...
5 days ago
Lol Reus just can't seem to stay onside.
6 days ago
I don't mean to say "I told you so" but... :P " UWMike (Borussia Dortmund) 2 weeks ago ...I'm sure you wouldn't argue that defensive mistakes have been our un...
1 week ago
According to Bild, Gundogan has already signed a contract with City. Not sure how that's possible if the clubs are still negotiating a fee and haven't yet signe...
I would have gone on an angry rant but I was physically sick after watching that last 45 minutes. We basically gave them the ball and said "go one then, get you...
2 weeks ago
I expect an apology for this outrageously poor effort.
That 2nd half was just about the most pathetic display I have ever seen from this side. No words. Just no words to describe the complete lack of character. Thou...
This is f*cking embarrassing. The fact we've conceded 3 goals like this. If we manage to lose this now... just wow.
-_- Oh well. I won't complain today. Mostly because I'm hungover and can't be bothered. Not like this was going to influence the final standings anyway the way...
Not a bad result given the poor display. I'm hoping this was always part of some evil plan to embarrass the scousers at Anfield. But we seriously need to get ou...
3 weeks ago
Other Borussia doing us a small "favour" today. Guaranteed at least 2nd!.. not like it was every in any doubt. Impressive scoreline from the foals though.
Fair enough. I had actually forgotten that Ginter could play CB :P But still... set pieces have been our Achilles heel for at least the past 2 or 3 seasons. "U...
I just might have to : ...get the Ramos shirt that is. I can still wear Auba for the lame duck Champions League games when we've already qualified for the kno...
Wow. What a finish. Ramos saves us again. Leave it to Tuchel to get the best out of him. I swear my Aubameyang jersey is cursed. The first time I wore it was t...
I don't get it. I don't understand. How are we so, so, sooo unbelievably f*cking bad at defending set pieces??? HOW?? Every time the ball is swung into our box ...
Durm getting plenty of chances but doing very, very poorly with them so far.
No. Especially not for the money Bayern would demand and definitely not at anywhere near his current wage bill. He isn't worth half of what he gets paid anymore...
1 month ago
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