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Soo according to rumours I hear that only half of our team will be here next season. First Klopp will go to United, taking Reus with him of course. He'll probab...
3 days ago
Don't let the door hit you on the way out
Creating so many chances is all well and good, but then missing all of those chances is quite frustrating. The way we've played this season you just never know ...
4 days ago
Lol fun? I nearly had 3 consecutive heart-attacks. Kind of a harsh 4th in the end for Mainz, but justice for the one that Okazaki handled on the line 15 minutes...
5 days ago
What was the alternative? I would say at least one extra year on top of that contract. Extending for only 1 more year after missing an entire season due to inju...
1 week ago
I'm not impressed with this Gundogan business. I was excited to read the headline but then I saw '2016'? Even if he makes it back for the start of next season, ...
Not so fast. You still have to beat the Kaisers...
I take back everything I said about Durm being too easily beaten in defense. Also a great response from Mikhi. Exactly the magic I said he needed to pull out of...
Interesting assessment. My biggest problem with Sock is 1) he commits way too many stupid fouls. And 2) his lack of height and power in the air leaves him horri...
LOL A BVB "fan" who is actually a Bayern fan, whose screen name is FCBayernm and avatar is a picture of Neuer... now I've seen everything. Calm down you little ...
The Sock over Subo? Maybe while Subo is still recovering... other than that, no chance in my mind. Doumbia would awesome. But where is Schmelle?
2 weeks ago
Stupid. Honestly at this point I think if we could get 20 to 25m for him we should take it. I don't think he's going to be back to his best any time soon, or an...
^ Throw in Ozil, Giroud, Koscielny and Ramsey and we might consider it.
So I've been checking the BVB "official" fan shop near daily for a month... and still no CL or home kits for the non-obese folk. I sent them an email basically ...
Actually, I take that back. I would have much preferred to see PSG in the semis instead of Chelsea. If for no reason other than the ridiculous hype this will ge...
UWMike just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
True. When you put it that way I suppose it was the lesser of two evils. But I wouldn't mind seeing Zlatan win the CL just to see if he can possibly become even...
Yea but Kuba didn't miss two of those in the same game. And Mikhi has been pretty much terrible for the last few months, apart from a good game here and there (...
Honestly what makes this sting the most (besides Mikhi's terrible finishing) is the fact that Chelsea are through. Disgusting.
Aaaaaahhhh SOOOOO close yet so far. If anyone needs me I'll be sobbing quietly in the corner.
2 months ago
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