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Jeroen I know you're a Barca fan (one of the good ones), but do you honestly believe that Barca management had nothing to do with Dembele's behaviour? That seem...
9 months ago
Definitely matters. If we had finished 4th we could have drawn Liverpool in the CL quali stage. Not to mention some other potentially tricky sides. Financially,...
1 year ago
It's going to be really tough. Not least because we play Bayern 3 days before the first leg. We don't exactly have a great record playing 2 big games back to ba...
@OddSpud if a goal and 2 assists is "not a very good game" from Pulisic, then I can't wait to see what a good game looks like. I think the whole team looked a...
Spectacular dive by Suarez for the late penalty. UEFAlona at it again :P But man, Barca just wanted it more. PSG clearly thought they could sit on the 4 goal l...
I think Pulisic also deserves a mention here. He was dangerous every time he had the ball and the goal for 4-2 was what killed the game off. When Leverkusen mad...
No escape from reality.
I'm done. Let Tuchel go to Arsenal. The sooner the better. Also goodbye Auba. If I were him this season would be the last straw. He's not going to win anything ...
Although with that said, it's probably a good thing I didn't watch this. I definitely would have smashed something after all of those missed chances, especially...
Missed this game :( Agree though. Finally a clean sheet!
The way he's been playing lately, Castro should have never started. I'd find it hard enough to even justify him being in the matchday squad at all. There is no ...
Nothing left to say here. Tuchel out. He clearly has no f*****g clue what he's doing anymore. Another game, another new formation. Another 2 easy points drop...
That was the most upset I've ever been during a win. Absolute garbage on all fronts. The few chances we did have were wasted by f*****g selfishness. And in def...
Tuchel waits waaaaaayyy too long to bring on subs
Anybody else watching this f*****g pathetic garbage of a display against a 10-man Bremen?
To me Ramos was always the sort of backup that you bring on in the 75th minute if you need some strength in the air, but not the kind that you feel comfortable ...
Ramos to China and Manni injured again :( A little surprised we let Adrian go this transfer window instead of waiting until the summer, but 12m for a 31 year o...
I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Every... time... it's the same f*****g mistakes.
Lol Frankfurt. Not sure how we still gained ground on 3rd this weekend, but I'll take it.
UWMike just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
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