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As infuriating as the whole transfer speculation has been surrounding our clubs best players for the past few years, at least we can take solace in the fact tha...
Or Chelsea Fabregas shirt... Oh wait..
1 day ago
^ What he said. It's the exact same picture of the Suarez shirt but with Hummels' name and number photo-shopped in. Dumb-asses didn't even think to photo-shop o...
Contract until 2017 + No buyout clause + hilariously undervalued "bid" = going to a mid-table non-CL squad?? Did I get that right?.. That's what I thought
1 week ago
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8JXJS8KBMo Keep calm Echte Lieben on
:D x100
Wow, that was a fail. Stupid white space collapsing
^ ^ / / --------------------- | | ...
I still hate him, but damn that was an amazing goal
2 weeks ago
I don't like you ~_~
^ It's just that kind of sarcasm that makes me fear Schieber's revenge. He'll have 20 goals next season. Mark my words.
3 weeks ago
I'm not so sure about this whole Puma business anymore. It's been all downhill after the 2012 CL kit. This is worse than the tablecloth designs that were all th...
Witsel is a known leg-breaker. No team wants that liability. lol.
I was screaming at my TV for Wilmots to bring on Lukaku in the second half, but no one listened. AAHHH!! Now to suffer through 30 more minutes? I blame you Jero...
Brothers, I'm in the early stages of planning a trip to Europe for the beginning of September. Of course this must include the obligatory Dortmund match (either...
Surprise, surprise. You regress as a player if you don't play? Guess no one told him.
4 weeks ago
Http://www.goal.com/en-ca/news/4171/main/2014/06/30/4925875/dortmund-signs-us-prospect-gyau?ICID=TP_HN_1 Anybody heard of this guy before or seen him play?
The more I think about it, the less sense it makes. But I don't think it's fair to be criticizing this guy before he's even played a single game in black and ye...
I would like Robben... if he wasn't a dirty diver. He's worse than Suarez. Maybe some people say that's part of his proficiency, but it's disgraceful and I've n...
1 month ago
If Schieber can manage to hang around for 2 seasons then there's no way Auba is leaving.
3 months ago
UWMike just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
4 months ago
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