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You don't get to have an opinion :P
18 hours ago
Klopp to Liverpool rumours gaining lots of steam. Personally I think it would be a great fit, and bonus for him not ending up at Bayern. But I hope this doesn't...
1 day ago
I think a combination of Burki and both central defenders was at fault for both Bayern's first and third goals. Simple long ball over the top should never be su...
2 days ago
Lol where I come from is irrelevant :P (and Canada is not quite the US ... yet) And for the record, I've never had Modelo, but I stand by what I said about Cor...
5 days ago
El kloppo does not drink piss-water mislabeled as 'beer'
6 days ago
Yada yada indeed. Top teams always find a way to win. We seem to always find a way to not win in these types of games. We can talk about the decisions that went...
1 week ago
Bayern sitting at 1-1 draw, they're given a completely bullshit penalty. We're at 1-1 and an unbelievably obvious penalty gets called an offside. f**k this sp...
So. Much. Anger.
Utterly f*****g pathetic half
Sweet Zombie Jesus! What are you people feeding that man?!?
2 weeks ago
What the f**k Wolfsburg?
Yea, probably a mix. If Bender isn't injured, I'd like to see him start. Definitely will have one eye on the Leverkusen match this weekend.
3 weeks ago
The only thing that concerns me about Ginter in that RB spot is his speed (or lack of it really) and his ability to get back in position after an attacking play...
Could have been clear on top... stupid Augsburg (by which I mean stupid ref). But watevs, BS calls like that have a way of evening themselves out over the cours...
That's a big "if"
4 weeks ago
And so it begins...
1 month ago
I would have assumed that the contract was invalid once FIFA rejected the transfer.
This Grosskreutz business seems weird to me. Transfer rejected because paperwork is too late, but he goes to Istanbul immediately anyway? Even though he won't b...
Grenho... gündogan, sahin, bender, weigl, Castro, and Leitner are all holding midfielders by trade. Sure Gundogan and leitner might think they're attacking mid...
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