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This commentator is ridiculous!
Compare budgets and resources, and what moyes has done with his lot is very impressive.
6 years ago
APOEL is pretty resolute.
Don't forget about brian mcbride. he didn't have the same class as dempsey but he could still score goals.
The quality of play isn't the same as the men's game, but these have been some entertaining matches so far with some cracking goals!
Good goals...good match!
You can't compare us to European powerhouses, we clearly lack the class and depth of Spain, Holland, Italy, Germany, etc. That being said, we can definitely com...
I said it was a dive. and that is was dishonorable. i compared the dishonor of the action to henry, not their quality as players. he could have taken a dive im...
7 years ago
Watch the video again of the red card challenge. taylor slides from behind and wraps his left leg right into the path of jones. jones is at full sprint and has ...
Barca's defense looks shaky sometimes because they so willingly commit their backs to the attack, sometimes only leaving two in defense. just look at dani alves...
An american made the cut!? holden!!
Couldnt agree more. i was going to say the same thing about his touch, overall quality, and him making america proud. cheers.
I'm a yank, so i'm sadly all-too-familiar with spector's shaky past. i literally laughed at work when my friend texted me "spector is on the front page of espns...
Why do some keepers turn into idiots on certain ronaldo free kicks? that should be caught/punched/parried and he waved a forearm at it
Good continuation of his run. he put himself in the right place at the right time, which is what quality players do.
What a story for Landon Donovan. He has caught so much negative press for never being successful in European football, and so he went to Everton and played extr...
Keita is a disgrace to football.
8 years ago
I love dempsey's variety in finishing: he can strike it (stoke), head it (happens all the time), and has a touch of pure class (today). so glad he's back for f...
Clever back heel
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