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Come on the Gers!!!
8 years ago
Nice game did not expect that result :0
Lol love paul schole's goal PMSL! Anyway great game, good advert for football.
Love the commentators lol :0
I would love to go to a game in South America
UGH! Robbie Kean to Celtic thats so not fair you think messi is a boyhood fan of Rangers :) lol
Listen to the guru (Tony) :P Davis unstoppable. Mon The Gers! :)
Woop Nice Backhander from Ronaldo, thats what you get for shirt tugging
Unlucky saints, good show first half. fortune 1 man team
Every is entitled to their own opinion, touch a nerve did i? 1 year is nothing compared to the goals Ronaldo has been bagging when it was lionel who? so next to...
Henry will fade into the back ground. Two life lesson learnt never upset the Irish and never marry a english girl shell love u then leave you.......with ur mone...
This may come across as quite daft but does Aaron Ramsey qualify to play for England at all? No offence to any welsh people here but he would be good for englan...
Ronaldo any day he is the best striker of the ball i've seen in a longo time and messi still has to prove himself.
LoL well Gabriel Batistuta next to Rangers doesnt look right but ah well does it have to be from ur favourite team?
This is a good site best i seen of its kind. good to see constant moderation and good web design keep up the good work :)
Heyup. Good to see. Might be able to drag a few more of us on in, eh? Cheers.
Hi alex, and a big welcome to footytube mate, always nice to see new gers fans, we could do with more on the site, or scottish fans in general. thanks for the ...
Hello Rangers army just grew by 1 on footy tube :)
Hi welcome
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