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4 years ago
Pathetic decision. And it's even more pathetic seeing people defend it by quoting rulings that were made in an era where players actually punched eachother an...
5 years ago
Ferdinand gets an 8 month ban for missing (not failing) a drugs test. Cantona gets an 8 month ban (with 120 hours of community service) for his kung-fu assault....
The only reason Suarez is sorry is because he got caught. The sudden hobbling of his leg and then smack-talking Ivanovic all but confirms this. This rat belon...
Rumour has it that the thrown coin was in fact a Euro. I mean it's not like city fans will be needing any more of those this season............
Chelsea 4 life? I don't believe you. Especially as you couldn't even spell it right in your username...
At the time, I thought rio over-celebrated and punched himself in the eye as he lifted his shirt. :D Now that would have been funny
At the time, I thought rio over-celebrated and punched himself in the eye as he lifted his shirt. :D Now that would have been funny
Forget the silverware for a minute. Consider this... A club is GUARANTEED 19 home games in the league, so why not prioritize cup runs to get as many home gam...
Anderson was easily Man Utd's best player. And not for the first time, he announces his shift is over by the 75th-80th minute. What is up with that guy?
Under any other circumstance, an attacking force averaging 3 goals a game would be getting a lot of praise. But it will be the defence making the headlines aga...
Let me guess... The keeper talked up as one of the best around now needs replacing. Right?
ROFL! xD So true.
So one lack of sportsmanship (not shaking hands) is apparently "understandable", and another (celebrating in front of an opponent) is "needless"? Get a clue.
6 years ago
And here are Barcelona's Legends.
"Classless" is villainizing not only the victim of racism, but his BROTHER too. I think you'll find it's your own fans that are the classless clowns. Checkmate...
Tim Howard only made 1 major mistake whilst he was at united and then he was gone! Look how good he is for Everton now! I think Fergie is sticking with de Gea ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Footballer using twitter........................ I'm suddenly reconsidering my views on Freedom of Speech.
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