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Its one thing to say over reliance on Messi when it comes to scoring goals, but what excuse do we have for conceding like crazy against basically everyone this ...
Your team is a proof that La Liga teams are not easy task, mate. Don't underscore Messi substitute goals by degrading the whole La liga teams, plus, Real Betis ...
Lets see, healthy Messi or confident Alexis, hard choice.
Technically 0/0 is not 100%, but rather 0%, but funny none the less.
Edit: wrong reply
I will summit your current form vs our current form as strong evidence that your team is the favorite going in to the whole tournament. Having Pep is that much ...
Bayern Munich manager was quoted prior to Friday's draw, "If we do draw Barcelona, we’ll be ready. I know them like the back of my own hand, maybe even better...
Hard truth, but nonetheless the truth about Barca's current form.
A great article about King ABI, beautifully written by a BARCA fan...
Wembley here we come! KIng Abi with the cup, I can see it.
Its good to be back, lets go Barca!
By dangerous I am assuming you mean goal scoring, then 9 by far.
Yeah I saw it too, it must be part of his new transformation to the next stage.
Is cursing allowed on TV? you can't make it up its that good. Wow!
The Cardinals in Rome decided to quit on deciding the next Pope for today, just before the CL games or was it a coincidence.
The Black Knight Villa, his smart and decisive runs kept that back line on their toes. And when they gave him a slim of a chance, he buries with perfection.
^born again beleiver! nice one
So what I'm a rival supporter of the team you support? I don't see things like other people, I don't like being ignorant towards a team who most of the time pla...
I hate a double face! Barca is Real Madrid is #1 rival, how can you sincerely be happy for us.
Our defense is not doing great, we're just too busy attacking to give them the ball. Niang chance should have been a goal, simple as that.
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