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PSG Vs. Chelsea
Trueba just Watched
PSG Vs. Chelsea
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Glory glory!! red devils never die!!
United was unlucky not to score another goal and this has been one of the best games we have so far and I have to say what a delight is to see Rooney getting ba...
:S this is going to be a hard season for us but we have to give Moyes sometime to work with the team GLORY GLORY!!
Overall I think I am happy with the result as I think this was very strong to test to United, but I do would like to see Zaha, Adnan, Lingard playing some minut...
La chammmmmpppppppppionsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss hahaha soooo good to have champiosn football again!
I am really happy with this result, after loosing with Panama 2 times I was felling really sad hahaha I only hope they keep it like that and I hope to see the s...
K. Strootman :( a very very good midfielder that united let go this summer too :(; Roma got it for 17 millions and we are planning to spend 30 in Fellaini?? som...
Looks like Rooney is ready to play...
Of all signings on the EPL what's the most dangerous for United??... for me Manuel Pellegrini been in front of the citizens, for me is a great manager bigger th...
Http:// Hope everybody enjoys
How exciting a prospect is Jonathan Espericueta?
LOL that was very good.. cool votes for you
5 years ago
Do we want Hernandez on the team next season?? does he deserve more chances?? I really hope he can prove him self as a start player next season.
@Para.. you only can wish to have someone as SAF on your team..
I really hope they do not pick Mou as the new manager.. I would love to see Pellegrini joining Man Utd.
What I do not understand is why I can't celebrate my team winning? I do it in a respectful way I never mess with other teams and fans.. who are you guys to judg...
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